Hero Spotlight: The Furnace



  • @CPUyellowHeart you probably did that bs non fully ascended furnace he dosent get abs of steel till his last Ascension.
  • i kid you not the day the last guild games the epic boss hunt quest the final had 4 bushido i used them on furnace then i needed final ascencison somehow iwas missing all the fire monarchs and nothing more
    the next day
    FA Furnace
    so if you want to go and be a jerk by calling another a liear fine with me i just simply dont give a *@k about those kind of people
    so there now please go and man up cause we all play the same **** game some better and luckier than others,
    or some are just a good ol' try-hard like me.
    so please go and think about what you say, type, and do before you act, because its really wrong to go and call others names over a **** screen and keryboard
    sorry for any inconvenience and have a nice rest of your day or night.
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
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