Challenge Mode Chapter 19-1 Cursed Hillside Help Needed

I tried my construct/energy team of Alex, Dagrund, Augustus, and Ekko but those purple Ekko clones keep removing taunts and left my fragile Ekko vulnerable. Anyone care to share some team suggestions? TIA


  • 4tom4tom Member
    I managed to 3-star it at lvl 61 using gob team + Julius summon (and a bit of luck).
  • kpung07kpung07 Member
    edited June 2016
    @4tom I managed to 2 star it with Squinch, Tsume, Bovus, and NubNub which are all 6 star and FA. That said I don't think I'll be 3 starring it any time soon.
  • I finally three-starred it with Nub 6S FA, Yoko 5S FA, Squinch 5S FA, and Sir William 5S FA. The double taunt really helped get to the Boss. Then I used a friend's Koros 4S to do most of the damage on the Boss and their minions, leaving my group to easily finish it off
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