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    Chief Nubnub epic chart done (same as Bovus). Updated format and will have to reedit all the old charts I've done.


    I also figured out why my character models had such drastic sizing issues between heroes. Depending on the number of enemies a hero is facing in a dungeon, the view zooms in or out to fit around the action to leave out dead space. I was able to get the yellow heroes more in line with their proper proportional sizes by making sure that the stock photos I was screen capping were always had the same scaling perspective, thus creating better hero size scaling.

    I'll be doing this with the rest of the heroes as well to get them more in line.


    Yeah I've noticed that if I bring in 2 or 3 heroes instead of 4, the 2 or 3 heroes look much bigger due to the zooming in of the map.
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    Hansuke and Willow Epic charts done.

    I'll be spending a portion of today updating the hero classification with the new Elf heroes, getting the rest of the epic charts formatted to my new layout, and editing the initial post to have all the new layouts and charts.

    Then it will be onto dark heroes and finally red heroes, then I can do something else!


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  • Nice. Looks like Bauble is missing from "flying" and "Construct" in hero classification chart.
  • I see him there. I need to break away from photobucket on those it isnt giving a high res picture which might be making it hard to notice.
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    Updated Hero Classification, changes made:

    - Koros rejoins Magical
    - Lily joins Magical
    - Phemus leaves Magical and joins Armored
    - Pignius Maximus leaves Magical and joins Armored
    - Willowswift joins Elf
    - Indigo joins Elf

    Going to start using Google's image hosting platform and convert everything over. Hope this works out better.


  • Thanks for the updates, as always keep up the awesome work. But the link doesn't seem to be working @itirnitii =(
  • I'm still testing so hang tight. But the image in the latest post is uploaded to this forum, so should work.
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