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Disclaimer: This is the first in a series of posts that will be outlining new features in our next game update. As this is a preview, certain items described in this blog are subject to change from now until the actual release of the update. While we cannot disclose the exact date of the update (too many factors contribute to this), we wanted to give players a preview of the major new features that will be introduced in it.

This post is written by John Carlson, one of our game designers. We hope you enjoy!


Long ago the world was in perfect order until the Boss of Darkness arrived and built the Ultimate Dungeon of Doom. From the Dungeon of Doom, great Evils (Epic Bosses) arose that cast the lands into fear and shadow.

These Evils were sent to rule, and the world’s Kingdoms plunged into Chaos. It was then that the greatest Heroes of the lands arose. They formed a mighty team and vowed to destroy the Boss of Darkness. But the Heroes were tricked and became imprisoned in the Great Mystical Portals. With his power unchecked, the Boss of Darkness took over the lands and locked them up. 

The Seeker (that’s you!) freed the Heroes from the portal and united them to defeat the Evil Rulers…but the Great Darkness evaded the Seeker and disappeared from the world. Many years passed and our Heroes enjoyed a time of peace. The world moved on and soon the Great Darkness became a mere whisper of a shadow.

Now: Thalia has sensed that the Great Darkness is returning and has alerted the realm’s Heroes. A shadow has engulfed the land and another epic battle threatens the future of the realm. From unknown depths in the murkiest part of the ocean, a new island rises from the deep to challenge even the most powerful Heroes. Skull Island is here and a powerful dark force radiates from deep within, supercharging the world with Evil in the form of Boss Mode!

The Seeker is called upon once more, and it’s up to you and your Heroes to take on these challenging new Dungeons and become even more powerful than ever before to defeat the Great Darkness once and for all!

Phew. How’s that for high drama?

Hey everyone, John Carlson here. I'm one of the game designers working on events and features and I'm very excited to talk about the upcoming Boss Mode.

Boss Mode is the high end, max level, player content that takes some of the more unique event challenges we’ve run and rolls them up with new abilities and dynamic strategies.

Boss Mode unlocks an unprecedented level of raw power for your heroes.

So how do you access it?
  • Boss mode is level locked to player level 60. This feature is meant to be only for those at the end levels of the game.
  • To unlock a chapter of Boss Mode you must beat all dungeons for the same chapter of Challenge Mode. After that, every dungeon in that chapter is unlocked and playable.
  • This means that if you’ve beaten the Lich in Challenge Mode, and are level 60, you can see and try all the new Boss Mode Dungeons.
  • Lastly, Boss Mode enemies are so powerful, your whole team should be equipped with at least Improved Runes before you feel confident beating any of the dungeons. Oh yeah Runes…you don’t know about that…yet. We’ll be talking more about them shortly in a new blog post, but for now, just know that Runes allow you to customize and enhance your Heroes like never before!

So you’ve unlocked Boss Mode. Now what?

Well for starters, Boss Mode Chapters are very different from previous areas of the Campaign.

Each Chapter of Boss Mode has 2 unique “Normal” Dungeons and additionally, each of those Dungeons then have a “Champion” and “Boss” version (for a total of six Dungeons per Chapter) where different restrictions and abilities are imposed on the characters in the dungeon.
See below to see what this looks like, where N = Normal, C = Champion, and B = Boss.


Think you’re tough? Try beating a dungeon where all the enemies are immune to Crits and more:


Remember Balog? Well you better have a good team around him because he is a required team member for this dungeon:


And finally, let’s talk about Boss Island itself. This is the dastardliest island of scum and villainy on this side of the portal. Boss Island is host to Elemental and Legendary Dungeons. Elemental Dungeons will rotate each day, much like Evo Island.

Players who have unlocked Boss Mode will only have access to the Elemental Dungeons at first and must defeat the “Normal” Boss Mode versions of the Yeti and the Lich to unlock the deeper dungeons of Boss Island, called Legendary Dungeons. These Legendary Dungeons contain the most powerful, unfair enemies we have ever made. These Guys are not for the weak willed. Seriously, look at all these buffs:


So why would you subject yourself to the horrors of Boss Mode Content? The answer, as per usual, is sick loot. Materials needed for crafting the best Runes only drop in Boss Mode Dungeons. The Elemental Dungeons of Boss Island are the only places you can upgrade your Epics. And the Legendary Dungeons of Boss Island unlock the strongest Runes in the game. Again, we’ll be talking more about Runes and Epics in upcoming blogs.

We hope you guys are looking forward to the epic challenge of Boss Mode, and we can’t wait to see the new strategies you create.
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