Informing Players what happens to Crowns if they leave Guild during the week

Many Guildmasters would greatly appreciate the addition of an in-game message when players are about to leave a guild. The message would warn players that any crowns that've earned during that week will be lost to the player and to the guild if they leave. We are finding there are many players who don't realize that a guild loses the crowns that a player earned that week when a player leaves the guild during the week. It would be quite helpful if this message could be shown to players before they decide whether to confirm leaving a guild. Thanks!


  • I agree this would be a great add! @Joel @Joveth
  • Agree!
  • Yes Please!
  • Fully agreed! Please implement this.
  • A good idea.

  • A very good idea for sure!!
  • Agreed! Let's make it happen! @Joel
  • Agreed! This would be a very helpful addition
  • This makes perfect sense. There's already a warning if you opt to retreat from a dungeon that lets you know what earned items you'll lose if you go through with it. The stakes are much higher for guilds - just one player leaving could kill their top 10 chances. At lower levels it might mean whether or not the whole guild gets a Heroic Summon that week.
  • That's a quick win!
    Easy to develop and satisfaction of many players :)
  • Awesome idea. Agree 100%.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey all, thanks for the feedback. We'll see what we can do. :)
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • RegusRegus Member
    @Joel @Eej There's still a lot of interest from guild leaders on this. Is this part of the plans? Thanks.
  • Just to clarify: the current guild loses credit, and the new guild which the player joins does not get the credit either? So those trophies are essentially lost for everyone?
  • +1 on this idea, thanks Regus

  • yes please...still a much needed addition. this would be very helpful.
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    lol this thread has been necroed twice. A mod's nightmare.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • I also agree with what Regus says and yes @farfella Necroposted twice...

    ...The mods won't be happy
    So much work.
  • Bumpity bump bump... a year later and we still need this warning message. Please make it happen @Eej
  • It's been acknowledged by the devs and @eej several times. Why is this still a thing?
  • Joel wrote: »
    Hey all, thanks for the feedback. We'll see what we can do. :)

    Because changing a confirmation to leave message requires mad skills, this may not be possible.
  • How about players can only quit guilds on a Monday?
    But the players can still be booted by the guild owner :p
    So much work.
  • I think that's a bit too one-sided.
  • How about players can quit their guild...wait for it...anytime they want! :P
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  • how about you treat guild crowns like guild game points: only members of a guild at the beginning of the week can earn crowns for the guild and once they are earned they cannot disappear. There of course needs to be a grace period so guilds can restructure.

    No, that's too complicated. Just give player's an in-game message. Simplest solution.
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    Still open for abuse.

    I can picture a guild admitting and kicking players' alts during that grace period who do a bunch of quickie crown quests.

    ...I think the current system is probably the best- it has multiple redundancies in case a player drops out to allow for 10.5, and gives appropriate tier rewards if you miss it.

    The idea of adding a explanation to the leave guild warning is a great one.

    This will still leave the problem of players deciding to abandon their guilds on a Saturday with no warning.
    I don't see any way around that issue that doesn't impose on somebody.
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  • Joel wrote: »
    Hey all, thanks for the feedback. We'll see what we can do. :)

    Sooo... what did you see, @Joel?
  • Guys I think @Joel got the feedback, please stop typing "agreed".
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • Guys I think @Joel got the feedback, please stop typing "agreed".

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