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  • @flyingpizzacats you forgot to mention torchy's silence
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  • @Phillipriv9 torchy didn't have silence at the time this guide was written
  • It helped me a lot, since i stopped to play like 1 year and backing now. I have 3 accounts lv 50 but i'm recreating one, cuz i was getting smack on pvp when in time when i played i was in rank 3 every tourny xD
    So i'm thanksfull for this guide
    *Sorry for my english*
  • PvP favors the pay to win crowd. There is no reason to do it if you don't have a full roster of overpowered heroes. They should make it an option and never put PvP requirements in quests.
  • Do not forget to add shade to the list of fast heroes as he is a major game changer (I even wrote a PVP guide, bear in mind it is subject to change.)
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  • Do not forget to add shade to the list of fast heroes as he is a major game changer (I even wrote a PVP guide, bear in mind it is subject to change.)

    Shade is overrated... on defense Shade always attack BD, so fully def runed BD teamed with fully attack runed MK destroys any Shade defense and offense.
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  • RawNES wrote: »
    And now it's time to unsticky this thread.

    Current Ultimate PvP Guide:

    Whatever you do, do not PvP.

    TL;DR: RUN!

  • Current Ultimate PvP Guide:

    if (your level == 70 && you have lots of gems) {
    do PvP!
    } else {

    @VioletLyra fixed it.
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    My comments on previous discussion here in the forum to say that I fully agree that the runes runs the game and especially in pvp as it doesn't matter any more if you are level 55 or 70 or if your heroes have 3 or 6 stars as long as you stuff your heroes full of rare runes which you easily can buy in stead of battling your way to get it... but if the company gets more money out of it then I assume they think it is a success. So what is the point in aiming for leveling your hero to 6*? The level of your hero should have considerably more influence compared with how it is working now. I have played for more than a year and are at level 70... in some cases I can easily be whippet away by attacker less than level 60 and with 3* team which makes no sense just because I refuse to spend a fortune on the big runes even though I do have some.
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