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I go by the name of Violet. I've been playing for 3 weeks now and I thought it was time to come and say hello to the DB community. :)

There is so much to learn! For a perfectionist like me, it's a bit overwhelming at times (that win/loss ratio in PVP is killing me) but it's a really fun challenge. I also appreciate how most fellow players are friendly and helpful.

I have about 138 questions regarding the game (as my poor guild mates could attest) but for now, I'll only ask this one:

Where did Bramble learn to dance like that?? :o

Talk soon!
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  • May I offer you a lemon?
  • Yes please.

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    Welcome to the DB forums @VioletLyra. me & the undead hope you enjoy it here. be sure to read the terms & conditions, terms of use, etc. (you get what I mean.) Either way, Have fun on the forums. (beware of Lord Zomm though, he has a "Taste for Brains.")
    Total Zomminionation.
  • Thank you Apocalyptus! Much appreciated.
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    No problem, I just go with Lord Zomms logic.

    (More people = More Brains.)
    It is just a little joke that part, it is because my favourite type of heroes to use in the game are "Undead," including pontifex mortis because he is the only hero capable of reincarnating into an undead upon death, & after spending a few turns as a skeleton (while he is still alive) he reincarnates back to human form with full HP & energy.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • Really? I had no idea. I've dealt with his first reincarnation, of course. But I didn't know he could go back to his original form. He's even scarier than I thought!
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