Iron Brigade: 2 solid Choices



  • Ok if you can give me an estimated time I'll wait and make a spot then.
    Jaded Southern Belle
  • Let's say 5 PM PST if that works for you.
  • Beavis has joined IBX and is rocking crowns as usual. For Iron Brigade and Iron Brigade Xtra there are players of the month for Line members. Those heroes get gift cards. What more could you ask for.
    Always keep striving towards tomorrow because you want to live another day and tomorrow never dies!...DM

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    Just a bit outside. IBX is on the move. Beware the ancient TERROR!
    Always keep striving towards tomorrow because you want to live another day and tomorrow never dies!...DM

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    Jaded Southern Belle
  • Iron Brigade Xtra is under new management!

    Congratulations to our established, loyal, amazing, and efficient new leader
    Ladybam has long served as officer for our guild family and has now stepped up into the Guildmaster seat!
    A wonderful respected leader already making tracks!
    Recruiting consistent crown earners now!

    For more info contact:

    Line ID: ladybam1bam
    Email: [email protected]
    Jaded Southern Belle
  • I don't even know where to start explaining how awesome this IB family is...TPHILLY is OG, fph was recruiter extradornaire, Yall know JadedBelle (superstar), and Bam Bam is kicking **** as the new ibx lead.
    But that's not all: our leaders are the greatest, but we also have the best mad scientist ever in Sir Dodd, yall been running teams he invented :)
    The ultimate good ole boy, Woodman, he'll keep you in line and laughing.
    Reefus is superstar motivator, hell, what other guild had a cake made for their 1 yr bday? We did, because we have Reefus!
    Rubyqueen is gorgeous, might be good at the game too, dunno, her beauty distracts me.
    Amsara and Justice get it done with style. They will keep you entertained and provide random knowledge as well :)
    Many more great people, I'm sorry to yall I didn't mention, I'm tired...
    Anyway, if you ain't IB then you ain't IB, that's ur bad :)
  • One final thought for yall seeking the best guild: we are growing and I suspect that we will be welcoming a 3rd guild to our family soon, so, there may be a guild master opportunity for the right person.
    If ur not sure if IB is right for you, try us, and you will leave doubt behind...stop being homeless and come join a family!
  • The latest guild rewards. 10th place for the IB!xaor75kb5b5g.jpg
  • These guilds are one big family. There is so some much knowledge about game play and every day life experiences shared between the IB/IBX. After joining this great guild my game play has been so much more relaxing and fun. I found different teams for Tower runs/PVP/Epic runs/Rune setup. I also learned new cooking recipes/ house hold fixes/ computer fixes. Come join the IB/IBX family where you can meet all kinds of new friends that talk about any and everything. Thanks for reading and have a great day. urnext

  • Well. I've been with IB since, close to, the beginning. So, am a bit biased but i, honestly, couldn't imagine life without such a wonderful group. We've always been about having a relaxed, fun and supportive atmosphere and have made some great friendships along the way. Both ib and ibx are one and the same to me, so all are treated equally.

    Lady Bam has, recently, picked up the reins of leadership for IBX and has proven to be an impressive, enthusastic and very capable GM.

    So if we sound like the guild for you. LadyBam and Tphilly5 are a good first point of contact :-)
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    Woody has been waiting for 10.5k for a long, long time! Join us to make it happen!

  • I am so honored by the praises of my guild mates! Taking on the mantle of GM of IBX has been a blast! Even though I was involved in our guild chat becoming guild master has pushed me to become more proactive and helped me get to know our members better. I love our family and can't wait for the newest additions yet to join!

    If interested in joining IBX pm me on Line @ ladybam1bam or email: [email protected]
  • Come and join iron brigade/iron brigade extra we are a crazy lot but very caring so come and hop along and let's see where this ride takes us. Full speed ahead!! P.s. by risks with consuming too much dungeon boss ask our Guild master or scream loud and get your freaking crowns:P
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    Iron Brigade is no longer waiting! Iron Brigade Xtra also cracked 10k and is looking for more!
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    IBX 10k Guild on our way to 10.5!!!!
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