Pontifex Mortis in the Tower of Pwnage

I've already experienced two reoccuring bugs with Ponti in the tower,
1: If his first form dies and then you win, he won't be able to revive anymore.
2: Sometimes he will be available in his first form with all abilities up after he totally died the last floor as long as you won it after he died. (Doesn't work always but often)


  • It's a different Ponti on each floor
  • Im talking about your own >.>
  • I also have had this bug. Plus I'm fairly certain any runes on Ponti don't effect damage etc correctly in the reanimated form (in Tower and PvP). (from 5k down to 500)
  • I had a bug similar to the second one you described happen to me just today.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We're aware of bug 1 here, but I'm not seeing Pontifex appear alive after dying in the tower. If you have any more info on the issue when you saw it, please let us know.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • @Joel Pontifex's behaviour in the tower seems to be pretty inconsistent:

    One time, I had Pontifex solo on a floor and he died (as in, he died, then Pontifex Returned died, so he proper got killed), but after going back to the tower screen, Mortis was available in my roster again for some reason. And I used him for the rest of the tower so it wasn't just a visual bug.

    Another time, I had Pontifex Mortis die on a floor, but Pontifex Returned survived, and the usual Mortis portrait in my tower hero roster was replaced by Returned's portrait, which is expected. However, when I deployed Returned to fight Lord Chronus, Returned refused to reincarnate, and he stayed as undead for the whole Chronus fight.
  • Just to confirm my two Bugs:

    1) In Tower: Ponti dies and is resurrected as undead form - If I win that level before he returns to flesh (2 turns) then he remains in undead form for the duration of other floors no matter how many turns pass. I would think that if the win is achieved he should revert to normal form OR the undead phase counter is carried over (much harder to do I guess).

    2) When Ponti is in undead form his standard attack does massively less damage / more vulnerable - as if the Runes he has are not being applied.
  • Has any progress been made on this issue? I'm having the same problem, if pontifex dies his undead form will not reincarnate.
  • Fixed in December. Reintroduced in January, I think.
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