How to beat Lich on normal mode?

As I said, I am level 29 and would like to beat/three star the Lich on normal mode.
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  • Simple stay alive

    Actually the best strategy is literally that just try to tank all the damage you can and hopefully dish out as much as you can.

    Its helpful to have a decent Yasmin along due to her Undead PWN ability and also have a strong tank to save some heals.
    If you have any other questions let us (the community) know!

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  • try get some friend with yorick or lupine, they help a lot, and get tsume, and bam! combo the fear/marked death with his buff. I used both, lupina, tsume, yorick and Pontifex
  • Probably something like MK Yorick Yasmin and a tank.

    Take heart that these levels will get a lot easier in short order as you lvl and rune up.
    Maybe a few more pennies
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Two words, two times.

    Matsuta Kira

    Yasmin Bloom

    For the other 2 slots, Undead heroes work well. Executum if you have him, should FA him first though. Yorick's Mark + Any MK ability = Instant win
    (Unless like you said you're level 29, should still go quickly though!)
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  • i waited till i was 5 lvl above reccomemned lvl for the lich on normal mode then i went in full throttle with nubnub ekko ponotifex and yasmin
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    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
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  • With a runed pontifex I killed lich in 2 hits at minimal lv required. (Lv22 I think it was)
    Those attack runes do some amazing things at lower levels.
    Bringing Yasmin is always a good idea. Yasmin is my favorite hero so I keep her around even if she isn't needed. Passive heals and her aoe heals in general are amazing for long fights.
    If you want to bring a tank I'd recommend sir william. He is easy to obtain and ascend for any level and counter attacks while taunting for extra damage.
    Bring any 2 of your favorite damage dealers and stack attack runes even if they are puny lesser.
    You'll win in no time.
    Sadly can't use friend summons on lich so it's all up to you.
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    Also: ignore the minions he summons. Focus on the Lich.
  • I killed both Lich and Sulfurious on my first try using MK, Kozar, Bovus, and Nub Nub. I never realized they were difficult bosses...The only boss that was a pain in the **** was Kang Kung and even he went down pretty easy with Nub Nub. Kang Kung on challenge mode on the other level 35...Now THAT was hard. Lich on challenge mode took me 2 tries. I think having a runed up Kozar makes normal campaigns an absolute breeze. Having a runed up MK is just icing on the cake.
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