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With all the awesome guilds we have running around, we wanted to take some time to spotlight some of the most active ones here on the forum. If you’re a guild leader and are interested in being interviewed for a future guild spotlight, contact Joel or Joveth via direct message.

This week we're spotlighting Pattumortis!

Guild Stats at a Glance:
  • Guild Name: Pattumortis, PattuMortis Alpha, and more coming!
  • Guild Leader and Officers:
    1. GM pattumortis: Puppos in PM and DuDdyp in PMAlpha
      Officers: Fallen, Apollodoro, Jachiboss, Lord Derpintog, Dragonjules, and Alecat97
      Forum Managers: TrueMelkio
      We purposely put our officers all together, as we play and take decisions as a whole group, even if we're split across two squads.
  • Guild Motto: We listen to proposals. It must be deadly hilarious, and smelly if you can make it!
  • Guild Rank:
    1. Pattumortis: 2
    2. Pattumortis Alpha: 40
  • Total Trophies:
    1. Pattumortis: 3,605,202+
    2. PattuMortis Alpha: 1,643,186+
    3. Total: 5,248,388+
  • Total Power:
    1. PattuMortis: 10,751,432+
    2. PattuMortis Alpha: 8,272,769+
    3. Total: 19,024,201+

About the Guild:

How did the guild get its name?

The name comes from the merging of the two pre-existing guilds’ names: Legio Mortis, founded in December 2015, winner of the first guild tournament and currently one of the guilds with the most #1s achieved, and Pattumeros, founded in the same period (late 2015, but all of our founders passed over), the second-most competitive Italian guild, which achieved three #1 and several top #10 placements since May 2016.

Legio Mortis is the Latin word for Legion of Death (nope, we DON’T speak Latin in Italy, we speak Italian!), a team of deadly players gathered together only aiming to the highest rewards. There are also some funny guys in there, anyway, but Pattumeros had to make an effort to loosen them down a bit (joking, of course).

Pattumeros is a Spanish-ish sounding word that could translate into Garbage Men. Despite the stupid name, it represented the early spirit of the guild, which gathered players of every skill level and made them experienced players after a while (you know… recycling helps…)

You might have already realized that the current name, Pattumortis, means nearly nothing in any spoken language (Death’s garbage…? Why not), but means a lot to all of us, because it preserves a tiny bit of our first, beloved guild(s).

Every new guild will have the same name, followed by a Greek Letter chosen by its members. Because nobody here speaks Latin!

What’s your guild’s style? What do you focus on?

We have two different play styles, which apply to newer or older guilds.

An “old” guild will automatically achieve top #10 in every tournament, with #1 being the real target, and aims to a top #10 spot in every Guild Games. There is still a lot of expertise being shared between the members, just to help them to improve more and more, making the best use of the time they spend playing.

A “young” (or newer) guild will also aim to top #10, while acknowledging that players of different levels form it, so it might not be as quick to reach 10,500 weekly crowns. During Guild Games, the target is to get in the top 50. Communication and cooperation are a must in this guild, since many players are new to a top-guild environment. Officers and older members are readily available to help and advise newer members, so that they enjoy the game while becoming reliable crown-machines!

Of course the boundary between these two strategies is constantly being blurred, especially on the younger guild side.

What’s your guild games strategy? How do you rally everyone?

Right now we require our members to complete all the non-endless questlines, to train themselves and to achieve an overall good ranking. As time goes by, we select the more farm-oriented players and try to gather them in one group, so as to get the most out of their effort.

Are you recruiting?

Yup! We are constantly looking for new ambitious players that want to work hard to get good rewards. We mostly recruit players for Pattumortis Alpha, but as soon as they demonstrate their reliability, some of our older players will happily give them their spots in Pattumortis, to get the rewards they deserve. Oh and, reliability means “210 crowns and sufficient guild games results” ;)

Do you have any funny or exciting stories about your guild that you’d like to share?

This is kinda hard. Every guild has its stories happening in social media apps and in real life. However, the funniest of them would need to be censored. If you just look at our in-game chat, we appear to be a sad and boring group...but on our other means of communication it's a different story!

Oh and, we speak English, Spanish, Italian, Naples’ Italian (which is an incorrect but colorful version of it) in all of our chats, so don’t be worried of language barriers!

Does your guild have an arch-rival guild? Who and why?

Many Italian players refer to the Facebook page “Dungeon Boss Italia” for help, recruitment, and fun. Other than these two, two more big Italian guilds were formed there: Pieve Regna and Breaking Bad. We consider them as rivals in the war for supremacy over our Italian Nation. As for the game, we look at LC, Potatoes, Viral, VeniVidiVici (Oh look, Latin!), and L50DPG as our worthiest opponents.

If your guild had a hero as its mascot, which hero would it be and why?

Could you guess them from our logo?

If your guild were to have its own dungeon, what would the dungeon be called?

If we were to have a dungeon of our own, it’d be a crypt-like dungeon, named Rotten Taste. It would be filled with powerful Selwyns and Sir Williams, with Jabber and Jibber in the boss room.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give on how to run a successful guild?

1. The goal must be clear to everyone, and each member has to work for it while having fun in the game
2. Each In-game name has a real person behind it. We try to know the background and personality of each of our members, to better understand their thinking and to become a group of friends, more than a mere group of players!

Is there anything else that you want to say about your guild?

Check our recruitment post here, for some more info on the guild and to find our contact information!
We will have a dedicated website soon!!
Our artwork was realized by Massimiliano E. (concept, color and finishes, find him on Telegram, @LrdDer1) and by (concept development)


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