UPDATED: Game Update Patch Notes - November 17th, 2016 - Rune Improvements

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Note: We've added a note below for a significant change made with how players 3-star dungeons, as well as a section regarding Legendary Dungeons! Please read!

Today’s update brings several quality of life changes that you folks have been asking for since the introduction of Runes! Thanks to your feedback, the Rune system has been polished up and made more convenient for players. Take a look at full details in our previous blog write up here.

We've also fixed a number of smaller bugs and issues to improve overall player experience.

General Fixes
  • Fixed a small issue with first time purchases; now the purchased item will show up in-game right after a player verifies their credit card info.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally put Android users in a soft lock state.
  • Fixed a few issues that would cause the game to occasionally crash when purchasing an item.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash when changing out Runes on Heroes.
  • Viewing Guilds on the Leaderboards page and tapping on them will now take you to their information. That wasn't working for some reason.
  • Fixed an issue with a Hero's character card not refreshing shortly after purchasing a new Skin for Hero.
  • You can now see PWNage Points listed under Currency in the Profile page.
  • Fixed various text issues (including some localization errors).
  • Fixed various minor visual bugs.

  • You can now tap & hold over your opponents' Heroes in My Dungeon to see which Runes are equipped! Note, that you won't be able to see if a Heroic or Legendary Rune has a special effect (like Life Steal). Now you can keep an eye out for SKREAM4STAR's OP Kozar! He packs a doozy.
  • We've added a green diamond notification alerting you to which Runes you can craft in the Rune Crafting menu. No more trying to guess!
  • You can now easily see which Runes your Heroes have equipped in the Hero Collection screen. HEY...WHY ISN'T YOUR DAGRUND MAXXED OUT?!
  • We've made it easier to see if a Rune has been maxed out in the game's menu screens.
  • We've added Rune Power as a separate value in key menus so you can see just how much Runes are contributing to your Hero's overall Power. Neat!
  • You can now MASS SALVAGE Runes! We heard you loud and clear on this and now you'll be able to select various Runes and tap the "Mass Salvage" button.
  • We've tweaked the Rune re-roll system. There is now a button called "Tune" instead of "Re-roll". Each Tune that fails to increase Rarity gives a bonus chance that the next Tune will be more successful in increasing Rarity (reflected with the new blue progress bar). Once a Rune's rarity has successfully increased with a Tune, the blue progress bar is reset. Tune costs are also now fixed per Rune Tier, meaning you will pay the same cost per Tune, but the cost will differ by Rune Tier.
  • Max re-tune attempts for all Runes is now 12 (instead of 5 for Lesser, 12 for Superior, etc).
  • The costs of non-Superior Rune upgrades have been reduced. Additionally, Lesser and Improved Rune upgrades no longer require Celestial Essences.
  • Having a hard time viewing how much Evo Essence you've collected? You can now find the amount in the Crafting menu, under Materials, and then Essences. Squashity squash away!
  • We've reduced the length and the steps involved with the Rune intro tutorial.
  • We fixed an issue in which the Stats tab's Skill total sometimes differed from that of the Rune's actual Skill amount. It was usually by just a single digit, but we've fixed it.

  • We’ve adjusted a few of the Epic Recipes to make certain materials match more with the Hero’s element.

  • We're currently testing out a new UI look with a small number of users for the town screen to make it feel a bit less cluttered. Tell us what you think if you see it!

Dungeons & Resurrections
  • We've made a significant change to how the star-rating system works for Dungeons. Now, you will not get penalized for using an Elixir, Revive Potion, or a Hero's ability to resurrect a Hero. If all of your Heroes survive at the end of the Dungeon, you will get 3-stars. Additionally, using "Continue" will prevent 3-stars. Great! Now Emily, Pontifex, and Hansuke are PVE-friendly!

  • Hagrim's Buzz Saw now has a chance to stun all enemies, not just the one he targeted. And all was well in the land.

Visual/Audio Fixes
  • We've switched over to our Winter app icon. Don't worry, Rogar's beard is keeping him warm.
  • Added a VIP symbol to clearly indicate which of your free raid refreshes are part of your VIP benefits.
  • The "Your Runes are Full" messaging will no longer appear in My Dungeon PVP matches. Runes can't be won there! Silly Thalia.
  • When you collect your My Dungeon gold, the animation and gold inventory will now sync up better visually.
  • Once you exceed the 200 Rune cap, we will only warn you once (instead of every time you enter a Dungeon). Our bad...like that ex that won't stop texting, we got too clingy.

Legendary Dungeons:
  • Stamina cost increased from 5 to 20
  • They now pay out 4 times as much Gold as before! Shiny!
  • The rune chests found in Legendary Dungeons now ALWAYS drop a superior rune! (Note: Mid-Dungeon chests can still drop Greater Runes. Sorry, they don't grow on trees.)
  • Materials chest now drop either Etched Bars or Jewels. Super fancy!
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