Hello first im french so this is why my english look like **** xD
so i want your suggest on what will be the best team to make with my heroes im new and im lvl 20 and love to play this game :) so here all my heroes

my present team is Sifu Jianzhi - Yasmin Bloom - Stone Fist - Phenol Thoxian But im sure that whit all my heroes i can make a better team this is the reason why i ask for your suggest tanks :)

My Heroes

- Abigail the brutal
- Lady nimriel
- Rogar stonecrusher
- Torchy
- Mangle jaw

-Selwyn the enduring
-Sir william
-Stone fist
-Yasmin bloom

-Jabber clenchjaw
-Phenol thoxian
-Willow swift
-Bovus el doro


-Sifu jianzhi
-Black diamond

big tanks for your suggest :) PS: i play the 2 mode campaing and dungeon :)


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    I recommend that you focus unlocking Chief NubNub (Nature healer) and Nitpick (Fire Demon) and when you are not fighting fire heroes I would recommend you go with Bovus el doro, Tsume, NubNub and Stone Fist. for PVE (Campaign)

    For Dungeon I would recommend you ascend your Torchy once so it can silence opponents.

    For PVP attack "my dungeon" I would use the following setup against teams that does not have Willow Swift. Torchy - Bovus - Nitpick - Selwyn
    This means that torchy would silence the first medium speed heroes and than bovus would slow the rest of the opponents team. Nitpick would then burn all of them and Selwyn would freeze them all skipping their turn next round, which means all your heroes would get to go first again. Torchy would use his fire breath ability and the rest would auto attack. at this point the opponents team should be close to dead with some already dead.

    For Defence, I would use Black Diamond, Bovus, Lady nim and Stonefist or at your level, whatever has the most stars

  • I am not the best person at pvp, but I can give suggestions for what I do know. You could try doing: Black Diamons, Bovus el doro, Tsume, and Stone Fist/Sir William.
    Favorite Hero: High King Valkin
  • And welcome do DB by the way
    Favorite Hero: High King Valkin
  • welcome @ToMToMxX
    wal of text incomming.

    just watch around the forums and ask around. im no good pvp im semi decent. but ive seen a few teams that are beatable by heroes who the defender never thought could counter them. of course taking consideration to baiters. never go against a team of 2 or 1 defender. it called bait becaused that player gives those defenders all ATK runes. that are improved heroic tier and higher.
    unless you have a great team that can counter the bait perfectly then go for it. but all i can say is. to ascended heroes you have more interest in. dont take to much advice when it comes to heroes. just ascend whoever you like more. but word of warning. dont ascended multiple heroes at one time of the same element. your bound to run into some that require the same celestial evo that the other hero needs. as well and useally in larger quantities. i suggest ascending light heroes that you find. particularly interesting to you, not other, you only. or youll need to start spending money on the game. and not lot of people like to do so.
    i hope i shed some light on you and good luck.

    from the loving goddess of light.
    - CPUyellowHeart.
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
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