XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i'm new just help please

Hey i could use some help i'm fairly new to the game i have bin playing for 4 days i think and i am lv 25 and i would like a defense and attack made for me it would be greatly appreciated i some one could make team's for me ill list my heroes
(all lv 25)
life reaper brom *** augustus *** lady nimriel *** zen *** phenol thoxian *** willow swift** ascended max

squinch ** ascended max tsume ** ascended 1 sir william ** ascended 1 stone first ** ascended 1 nitpick ** ascended 1

bovus el doro ** ascended 1 yasmin bloom ** ascended 1 jabber clench jaw ** ascended 1 torchy ** ascended 1

chief nubnub * ascended 1 rogar stone crusher ** ascended 1 mangle jaw ** ascended 0 shadow blade ** ascended 0

selwyn the enduring ** ascended 1 balog ** ascended 0 phemus ** ascended 0 zurk ** ascended 0

kobal the pestilent ** ascended 0 abigal the brutal * ascended 0

sorry the help would be nice T.T i did like over 200 great summons i have all of them sorry its a lot.


  • JusticeZ1JusticeZ1 Member
    edited November 2016
    Sir William first, squinch second, tsume or augustus, or zen for third, and either zen, brom, or stone fist. But for zen I'd try to put him behind another fast hero if you get black diamond, or find a spot since he is able to win a close 1v1 match most of the time. Feel free to mix and mingle
    Remember that day
    When we were noobs at the game?
    You should, cause it's only been a year or less.
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