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Started playing a couple of days ago got to level 22 and have about 20ish bosses to play with.
Just been collecting evos and fighting in dungeons against others, got to the 9th lot of levels and seem to be doing ok getting 3 stars on most.

I have assended a couple of the bosses and leveled most up to my level.

What else should i be doing?
What are guilds for and why do i want to add friends?
Is it worth farming runes at my level or just wait until i can get better ones?



  • If you are in a good guild, you get major rewards. If you are in a bad guild you get minor rewards at the end of every week. You can summon friends in a pvp battle and use there special ability. If a friend uses you in battle you get 30 scrolls. Only farm runes if you intend to tune them until they are greater or legendary level.
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  • marktwo wrote: »

    What else should i be doing?

    Try to slow down a bit. :)

    If you keep levelling up super fast, at some point you will have a hard time with PVP (i.e. "fighting in dungeons against others") and some guild quests will become very difficult to complete (fyi, you need to complete these quests if you want to be in a competitive guild). PVP is an important part of Dungeon Boss and as farfella pointed out, being in a decent guild will help you get interesting rewards.

    You don't get too much XP (cumulated XP is what makes you reach the next level) through PVP so my advice would be to concentrate most of your efforts on that. If you finish in top 10 (or even better, in top 3) most tourneys, you'll get plenty of Ponti tokens. If you don't have him already, he's definitely a good one to get. And if you have him, he should be one of your priorities as far as stars and ascensions go, especially at lower levels.

    Once you reach level 28, you'll access the tower. That's another facet of DB who will provide you with reasonable amount of XP and lots of advantages (including gold, gems, tokens and evos).

    One last thing: scrolls. You'll get them from PVP and from using your friend's heroes + having them use yours. Scrolls will help you get more characters and star up some of those you already have. Scrolls are life.

    This doesn't mean you should avoid doing campaign. But ideally, you should take it easy with that for a while and focus on building your roster without gaining a ton of XP.

    None of what I just said is mandatory. There are many different ways of progressing through DB. What matters is that you find the right one for you. But this path will help you keep up with competition, without investing too much money and/or driving yourself nuts.

    Hope this helps.

    P.-S. English isn't my first language so my apologies for grammar errors.

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