Christmas event for noobs?

As a brand new player, can I take advantage of this Christmas event at all without spending money? I'm not high enough to pvp or do the tower, so can't collect wreaths there.

I spent $5 on a holiday gold pack for 3 million gold and did a bunch of great summons for tokens because it seemed like an ok deal. What should I spend the few wreaths I got from that, and from running campaign on? More tokens of some type?

Thanks for any help!


  • Well, leveling up until you can play PvP needs really little time, so do that as fast as possible :) Also, the quest acquired from the calendar-doors sometimes contain wreaths and you should have received a few keys for them for free if you already played 6 days ago. Also, you should avoid doing and great summons until you are max level since you will really need your gold to upgrade your heroes. With spending your wreaths, wait until the last day of the event and choose then what's best for you since you might get some more wreaths til there :)
  • I wouldn't necessarily wait until the LAST day, but waiting til later in the event to make major moves seems reasonable.
  • DUDE, save those gems and get those heroic summons in! with the event, you'll get yourselves legendary heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Great Monk- Key shall protect my dungeon from attacks

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