New to the game feel free to provide advice

Hello all thought I'd might give the forums a try I'm SoSlow2Move fairly new to this game a couple of weeks in and I'm at level 35... still trying to figure stuff out and would love any sort of input just the other day I pretty much crafted my first rune so that was an interesting discovery... I would love to learn more about this game I find that I could use a lot of help when it comes to forming a pvp defence or what characters to level up and why any help would be appreciated... thanks for time you've taken in reading this I hope I can be a help to anyone if needed and happy gaming


  • First you should read through some of the other threads/guides in the forum because just the general request for tips has been made loads of times already ;)

    If you still need something though or have any questions after reading a bit through other threads, feel free to ask them :)
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