Auraofsmiles Rune Guides

I've been recently uploading all kinds of things to twitch.
At this time I can't live stream but still want to share what I've gathered.

Since we had a recent event to gather mass runes and a runeswap event was right after I figured we could use more rune guides.

Please give me feedback
Share your feelings or whatever it is you do.



  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
    edited January 5

    Zen guide is uploaded as a start

  • Astrid guide is online

  • Torchy guide one of my personal favorites

  • Have you checked out Zombi & Starskreams rune guides? They are helpful & quite insightful.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
    edited January 7
    I have.
    Main reason to post separate guides from them it to insure a slight variation of opinions and maybe help some lower levels out a tad.
    I do look forward to working with them in the future.
    Maybe they will notice my logs when they happen by and spark something

  • Honest opinion. Contents aside, you might wanna work a little on your voice
  • Good to see someone take the time to post a guide of any sort. Keep up the good work.
  • Honest opinion. Contents aside, you might wanna work a little on your voice

    Well maybe it's just my voice but I did recently have 4 teeth removed and the swelling hasn't totally gone away.

  • Good to see someone take the time to post a guide of any sort. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you

  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
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    Check out my nibbles build and give your Mangle Jaw some love

    Note I have received a few notifications that the twitch app on certain versions on I phones haven't been loading this video.
    Currently working on a fix if it's possible from my end.
    Untill then if you have this issue try any other device.
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  • The visual definition is really poor. I'm afraid for me this was so annoying and distracting I couldn't finish watching the videos.
  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
    edited January 9
    I currently have recording limitations.
    I want to help but yes I sometimes have to sacrifice visuals.

    I will do what I can to maintain the highest possible resolution from now on.

  • Cutthroat Tsume Guide

  • My Kobal Guide is Finally Here

  • Nice guides. I can see great improvements in each of the videos in terms of quality :) keep it up!

    One more suggestion/criticism - you become silent while the game is on the "loading dungeon..." screen. Instead, give us more tips or info during the time. Or just edit it out.

    In your kobal guide, the ponti dying and making Krexx the first normal hero is not a bug. Since Ponti never got his turn before becoming a slow hero, the first normal speed hero would be Krexx.

    Any plans on also uploading to youtube? I normally watch videos at 1.5x or 2x speed. Can't seem to find a way to do that in Twitch ;(
  • YouTube is giving me issues atm.
    When Google took over my name wasn't passed on properly.
    I'm nothing without the name.
    It will be up in the future just pushing through the necessary hoops and limitations I have.
    I appreciate the tips and criticism :)

    Always working to improve so feedback is necessary

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