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Welcome to the recruitment thread for the Potato Garden! We are a family of guilds and DB players that strive to help one another and enjoy the game as much as possible. If you are looking to be part of a max crowns guild, an avid PvPer, want to be part of an active Guild Games guild or just looking for advice, you can find a home here. We have different guilds for different player levels and goals.

We offer 4 max crowns guilds and usually can promote max crowns players fairly quickly given our size.

Our Guilds:
Potato Army
One of the elite guilds in the game formed when guilds were first introduced to DB. This guild is a max crown (rank 1 awards) and Guild Games guild made up of enthusiastic, active and experienced players with strong rosters. A lively, friendly and supportive guild with a commitment to going hard for Guild Games and earning top crowns awards every week. If you enjoy the game and have put in the time to get a strong roster, you will enjoy and benefit from being part of this guild.

DD Potato, DD Potato 2, The Tater Squad
These guilds are max crowns guilds, achieving ranked awards weekly. Guild Games is not a requirement but they usually put in a good showing . Members are expected to get max crowns each week.

Spud Brigade
The Spud Brigade is for experienced players who are either new to the Potato Family or just want a more causal 180 crowns a week requirement (equates to the 9k weekly awards). Many players coming into the Potato Family will start in Spud unless you are already known to the officers. Players in Spud that get 210 a week consistently will be promoted to one of the max crowns guilds. The level preference (though we do take in lower levels) is level 60. Note that this guild may transition to a max crowns guild.

Potato Bosses
This guide is for players coming up in DB. Lower level players are welcome and can experience the benefits of being in a supportive and active guild family. Right now, the crowns requirement is a modest 150/week.

We are a big family of guilds with four max crowns guilds with strong and active leadership. We have weekly turnover and promotion opportunities so if you are a max crowns player and not already known to our officers, we can likely get you into a max crowns guild within a reasonable time -- and sometimes right away. Officers of our guilds colaborate frequently to ensure we maintain a strong and positive membership.

Requirements of the Family
  • Meet your crown commitments for their guild. Missing crowns will get you demoted and sometimes kicked from the family if you do not actively communicate to officers.
  • All members must have the chat app LINE installed. It is the only way to get in contact with our recruitment arm and our main platform for communications. We have several active chat groups (some specific to specific guilds) but members are not required to participate except to respond to direct messages from officers.
  • If you participate in guild chat, be positive, supportive and above all honest. We do not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior. Everyone in our guild is here to have fun and get the most out of their playing experience as they can.
Additional Expectations for the Army
  • Active participation in Guild Games
  • Active communications during Guild Games and the courtesy of timely responses to officers even when not in Games
  • A member of the The Potato Army typically has a strong roster
  • While not a requirement, we are very supportive of placing in PvP tournaments

How do you apply?
Install the LINE app and contact Teal125 to indicate your interest. I will need to know:
  • Your In Game Name
  • Your Current Level
  • Your Current Roster Power
  • Which crown level guild you would like to join

I will put you in touch with a guild officer to get an invite. We usually have spots available so we are always recruiting.
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  • bump; we are always recruiting
  • I am looking for a max crown guild .
    I have not missed a crown since level 31 when I started actually trying.
    Roster power 121601
    Other Info in signature.

    I have line

    I would be looking to switch on Monday.
  • I am looking for a max crown guild .
    I have not missed a crown since level 31 when I started actually trying.
    Roster power 121601
    Other Info in signature.

    I have line

    I would be looking to switch on Monday.

    What is your LINE ID?
  • We have at least one spot in a max crowns guild (not PA this time) for this reset 2/26. Contact me on LINE (chat app available for Android and IOS) at Teal125
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    Bump :)
  • We have spots in 210 guilds and others, hit us up.

  • Someone from your guild is being exhibited at the Danish National Art Museum - WHO IS IT?

    Hairy Potatoe
  • The Potato Army and its fellow 210 guilds have spots at reset. Message me here if interested, or contact Nunyadb on Line.

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    DD Potato guild will have one spot open at next reset (2017/03/20). In case of interest contact me (cw000de) on Line or comment here.

    We are a max crown guild (210) and expect a player who is willing and capable of completing all crown missions which come up during week.
  • We have slots for 210+ crown players at reset.

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