[Guild] The Potato Army and Family Guilds Recruitment -- All Levels and Players Welcome



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  • farfellafarfella Member
    @bvs72 that is what I say every time I look at the top 100 guilds.
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
  • 240 crowns weekly, 181K trophies, 287K RP, 100K at last GG.

    I'm at 235 by Friday morning. Looking for guild with similar players.
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    @WhySoDevious message me on line chat @jamess1891 so we can place you in one of our guilds.
  • We have spaces for 210+ crown players. Contact NomadzReaper on Line.

  • JS1891JS1891 Member
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    It's just not fair that as a kid we would cut potoatoes in quarters and plant them. They would each then grow into multiple potatoes. How are other guilds expected to compete?
  • nunyanunya Member
    @bvs72 why would you want to compete? :)
  • Nunya is wise :)

  • Hi, are you still recruiting ?
    I played DB like 2 years ago, couldn't find my last account, so i created a new one, i've done all my crowns each days(210, sometimes i do the 5 crowns quest but not everyday [depending on the tokens, because i don't want to xp too fast to make pvp easier leveling up] but couldn't find a really involved guild in earning crowns daily.
    Meta has changed a bit, but Torchy is still very good, he was my main on my last acc, still one of my mains in this one, i played a lot Bovus before, now i've Grog-gnog and i think it's an improved one
    I'm actually lvl 24, all my characters are maxxed out (to prepare the tower at lvl 28), i'm searching for an involved guild like 210-220cr/week [Example : Spudciety 180+, if you have some empty room]
    I'm sorry if i'm not very specific, english isn't my main language

    I don't know if i have to introduce myself, but i'm doing it haha
    My name is Etienne i'm currently working with children as an Animator, i am 22 years old, i play dungeon boss like 1 to 3 hours a day, just doing my crowns & my raids.

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