Request: Guidelines for crafting superior runes

Started playing around with crafting some superior runes the other day and ended up with a lot less gems and materials and a general feeling of disappointment. Given how hard it is to find the binders and so on for superior runes, I am wondering what other players use as guidelines for crafting superior runes, when to call it quits, when to throw gems at it, etc?

I crafted 4 power runes in a row, all came out initially as uncommon, attack + damage to start, and after spending a couple of hundred gems on each, I just ended up with 3 rare 5 stars and a heroic 3 star. Gave me a bad taste in the mouth and I gave up at this point.

Anyone have any guidelines/rules of thumb for their successes? Crafting Improved/Greater runes don't have this same issue as you can give up straight away if you get crap and craft another as you often have a ton of mats, but for superior, you only have a limited set of binders. How do you get the best bang for your buck?


  • Be willing to spend a lot more gems. I don't like to settle for less than heroic. If I get heroic in the first 3 to 5 retunes then I will go for legendary.
  • I recently bought the 100,000 honor scrolls package and crafted four power superiors and full tuned them. They all turned out five star heroic. Kinda mad I didn't get any legendary...

    I crafted ten total but only four turned out attack/attack/damage so I used no gems on the others. Once they are the three stats I want I go all in everytime.
  • The question can easily be answered by simply checking out Zombi & Starskreams Rune Guide Library.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • I just make sure I have enough gems to fully tune it. as you said, the binders are hard to come by so unfortunately you are in it for the ride. got lucky with my first crafted superior rune as i got a 5* legendary with life steal on my very last tune. The cost was horrendous though so it scared me off crafting superiors for a while
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    My method:

    Rule 1- Don't craft one unless you have the gems to tune it all the way.

    Rule 2- If you craft or tune to rare to see all stats, and only two of the three stats are good, junk the rune and don't spend more. For example, an att/att/crit greater rune is better than an att/skill/crit superior rune. Don't spend gems tuning the superior if it isn't exactly what you want. Yes, this means going through a lot more materials.

    Rule 3- If the superior craft has the 3 stats you want, ALWAYS tune t as many times as you can. Even if the second to last tune upgrades to heroic and you only have one minuscule shot at legendary, take it. Once you are in that much anyway, it's never worth getting out early, as the right stat combos only come along every few tries.
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  • About 1200 gems to go through all the Superior tunes.

    Rules above are great, but I wouldn't bother with Superior runes until you have greater heroic+ with the correct sub-stats on all your favorite toons. The exception being damage reduction PvP runes, always go Superior on those (increasing returns for that stat).

    If you run out of gems and want to continue tuning, you can close out the game w/o Accepting. Complete the Tower the next day and re-open the crafting menu to finish.
  • With superior runes, it's simple. Get three stats you like, tune to max. Get one stat you dislike, quit immediately. With the cost of superior binders, shards, and crafted mats, you are pot committed the moment you hit the craft button.
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