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I've been struggling a lot in the tower, I really want to know how to complete it so I can constantly get loot, the highest I ever went was floor 9 but that was because the tower had lower level people and they were easy, I never go past floor 5 usually, tell me who I should use or any strats on the tower and I will tell you if I don't have that person (I don't have pontifex, apparently he is best for the tower) oh and I'm lvl 38


  • Are you using bait heroes to lure out special abilities from the enemy teams?
  • @atv89 no I am not, I don't even know what bait teams are
  • Floors without a fast hero
    1. Send in four fast heroes and don't let the other side get a turn.
    2. Alternatively, silence the first attacker and freeze the rest of the floor. You have 4 heroes that can freeze now (Igo, Icebloom, Selwyn, Valkin) and 2 fast heroes that can silence (Torchy, Indigo).

    For floors with Kai leading off:
    You can still send all fast heroes, but use their solo attacks. If the floor has multiple fast heroes after Kai, line up yours to kill theirs before they get a turn. Use Willow for Indigo, Indigo for Torchy, Torchy for Willow, Shadowblade for BD, and MK for MK/Shadbowblade/BD/Shade . Zen and Ember don't count since they don't do much damage. If there is a Furnace with Kai, make sure you kill Kai in first round or have someone who can purge the Furnace's taunt.

    For floors with leadoff MK, BD, Willow, Shadowblade, Shade leading off:
    Send three waves of a single useless hero to die and draw out all of the specials. Anyone will do. Helps if you have a large roster. If you can take advantage of colors, do it. If there are multiple fast heroes leading off, you can send multiple heroes in a sacrifice wave too. Once you soften up the floor, send your normal team to clean up.

    P.S. MK is the best tower hero, not Ponti. Rarely do I encounter a tower floor that requires Ponti to clear. Rarely do I encounter a tower floor that MK is not ideal for.

  • I'm only level 45 and building my team, but wanted to think about what teams you higher level players use to easily clear the Tower. It takes me about 35-45min to clear the tower. What are great team compositions I should build for fast, reliable and easy clears?
  • Like I said, MK is the best tower hero. Other than him, anyone with a fast tag is also extremely useful. Most days I clear tower using only fast heroes. Haven't lost a single hero in tower since the calendar turned 2017 and most days it takes less than 10 minutes.

    Oh, I solo Chromus with Kobal on auto attack, so I guess not all fast heroes.
  • Check gamefaqs for tower advice.

    Best team is going to be a Fast one.

    I used Indigo first to generate energy for the whole team, with maximum amount of Crit/Skill runes.
    Black Diamond is next with her big AOE attack. Assassinate is semi-AOE.
    MK is next with his big AOE attack. I use one AOE per fight pretty much. NOTE that he gets quite a bit of bonus crit from BD.
    Shadowblade is next since he can self-heal and has a semi-aoe to finish off enemies.

    You can also use Torchy, Willow, or even a Kai with lots of offensive runes.
    Each should have one Vampiric rune to slowly regain health as you go.

    When against enemy fast heroes you want to use a Bait team of one dude to absorb their specials and wear them out.
    examples: Furnace, alexandros, any SLOW hero (who can get revenge attacks for free), etc. Try to take advantage of elemental weaknesses.
    like vs Torchy,Nitpick,Igorok,Jabber, you'd go with IGNUS who is immune to torchy,nitpick attacks and then would autoattack Torchy for a likely kill and pull Igorok's ult.

    Against a MK, Yasmin, Balog, Gnog for example, an ICEPICK works well. He only eats ONE of MK's attacks and if either of them crit, his counter-attack will do 275% crit damage against everything. So MK goes, Yas shields, then Icepick destroys their whole team basically.
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