Veni Vidi Vici [Top1] - Anonymous [Top1] - Strategy Gods [9k]

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  • Very nicely put together.
  • Thanks @Idimustari

    We are recruiting to all our guilds. For more information, scroll up to top.
  • With two guilds on track for 1st place this week, the VAS family can offer the very best in rewards!

    If you aren't quite ready for 210 crowns a week, why not join our 9k or 6k crowns/week guilds, and benefit from a free heroic summon while you level up!
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    You can contact RobSnow84 too on LINE ;)
  • We're always looking for excellent players.
  • RobSnowRobSnow Member
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    We finished 1st again, 10,500 crowns, everyone getting 210 crowns each. Please apply :-)
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    Reimforcements have been brought in for this week.

    Join us next week

  • I am interested in your guild.
    210 crowns per week (have not missed since level 31
    121601 roster power

    I think your middle guild might be a good fit?

    Line app - litespeed(EST) - display name
    Line ID - mark stievater

    Next monday would be a good with me. Let me know your thoughts.
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    Sunday is here! It is time Push those points
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  • This week we decided to do the best we could in GG without preparation or member rotations. We did surprisingly well and after our recent member rotation we are now set at preparing for GG8. #5 here we come.


    We have now managed to become two #1 guilds and a stable 9.8K guild

    Anonymous which currently requires crown perfection and a minimum of ( the best non-ranked GG rewards requirements / 50 ) in guild points
    Veni Vidi Vici which now requires crown perfection and a minimum of ( the best non-ranked GG rewards requirements / 50 ) x 2,33 in guild points
    Strategy of Gods which now requires a minimum of 180 crowns

    We also have guild(s) for the semi-active at 120 crowns a week.

    Join us on Monday, contact CaptainBarbosaDB on LINE.
  • Join our 9k guild today. 2 open spots (Scroll up to find out more about the guild, or click the link below
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    We have removed the individual who caused us to Fall short in Anonymous. Like everyone before him replacements are found 1 week in advance. Contact me on LINE. For guild requirements, scroll up.

  • To clarify the above:

    Veni Vidi Vici 1st - 10,500
    Anonymous 2nd - 10,490

    Both guilds always aim for 1st.

    Our next guild is Strategy Gods, which is aiming for the 10k rewards.
  • We are looking for players who are able to do 60 crowns by early Monday or 210 by late Saturday CST. Something all players from GMT-10 to GMT-8 and GMT+8 to GMT+12.

    Both our Top guilds are 10,5k a week guilds, while our 3rd team provides a home to those who randomly achieve between 180-210 crowns a week. To join our top guilds we require track history of consistency. Players who don't have a track history ( are welcome to join on a trial basis.

    Join us on one of the upcoming resets, if you too believe a stable top rank makes things a bit more fun.
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    A new week has begun. We are still looking for players of all abilities! Go to top of page 1 to see guild requirements and apply to join next reset. Last weeks performance below.

    Great job V - A - S!

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    Please contact robsnow84 / robsnow1984 or nana1000 on LINE to apply to any of our guilds.

    VVV - 1st, 240 crowns min., 110k guild games min.

    Anonymous - 1st, 210 crowns min., 50k guild games min.

    Strategy Gods - 10k rewards, 200 crowns min.

    Synergetic - 6k rewards, 150 crowns min.
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