Did they just make the tower harder?

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My normal teams are getting wrecked by MK and and others that are 2 and 3 stars lower than me, and it seems like I am doing half the damage I used to? I lost my whole goblin team to MK...that never happened before.

Anyone else noticing this?

edit: I just finished, I lost over half my roster, and before today I was only losing 1-2 heroes if I was not paying attention. I had just finished a streak of 7 perfect towers. Lost my 5 star fully ascended Astrid to a 3 star brom? That never happened before.

Any thoughts on this:


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    Yep same here. I had my tower generated after the latest update. Maybe lost 1 or 2 heroes a week. Just lost 24. There's going to be a **** storm when people get their new towers.

  • Same here. Tower is way more harder now. The teams do much more damage and have more hotpoints/armor.
  • Yep haven't had to use bait teams in months and I almost lost today.

    I hope this is just a bug, if this is intentional and they left it out of the patch notes that's pretty sketch
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    Yup, some notice would have been nice.

    Wonder if it is some how tied to your league. Higher leaguee harder tower.

    This is a bummer I just got to the point I could use rogues all the way up the tower and finish it fast, in 15 minutes, now back to the grind.

    My roster is pretty decent for my level, I wonder how others will fair with this stealth change.
  • i was actually thinking the reverse. when i was lvl 65 (i'm 68 now), i was constantly being matched up against 65-69 teams, most of which had BD and MK leadoff, requiring me to bait the attacks.

    since hitting 68, i think i've only seen one floor that had lvl 68 opponents, everyone else was average 64, down to 58s.

    i hit perfectionist the first time about a week ago at lvl 67, and have done it 4 more times since.
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    I noticed this too today after the update. I resumed my Tower which was on Floor 8 - don't remember the whole team but they had Ponti & Grog, and were only 3 levels higher than me. My Goblin team, which is pretty strong & would normally clear a floor on autoattack with no casualties went down quick. Then I put in my undead team, which is even stronger, and they got trounced. My next team had Furnace (only 1A) and Ponti one shotted him on a normal attack?! Eventually I cleared this floor, but the subsequent 3 were neary as bad - I had an MK just one shotting people left and right. I did clear the tower (Chromus was still a pushover) but it nearly cleaned out my roster, which hasn't happened for as long as I can remember. Something is clearly going on here...
  • I haven't seen it yet, but am wondering if whatever code they changed to enable runes in revenge defenses ended up enabling runes in the tower as well.
  • It's the same level disparity glitch that's been happening since the new pvp update. Just had a level 59 team wipe 13 level 70 players from my roster. My guys were only doing 100-200 damage on them while they were hitting 3-5K. It's not the runes. The game is just FUBARD at the moment.
  • I resumed a tower from yesterday and even teams 8 levels below me were proving more difficult. Teams 3 levels above were laying some of my teams to waste.

    I can't quite say what the difference is, but its big. Hope I can work up to completing again soon.
  • Yea! Although a challenge is accepted, the tower is one of my favorite part of the game. Today I got destroyed by the 11th floor. Hardest tower I faced since my very 1st tower run. The damage inflicted was minimal compared to the damage taken. Super bummed out.
  • A lvl 61 3* team just thrashed my lvl 69 6* team. Annihilated. Remind me again why I spent all that time upgrading?
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    FatCat69 wrote: »
    I haven't seen it yet, but am wondering if whatever code they changed to enable runes in revenge defenses ended up enabling runes in the tower as well.

    @joveth have you guys seen this?

    I think they removed runes from the players and gave PvP-levels of health/hp to tower defenses. Hopefully, this is a glitch and will be remedied and atoned for soon.

    First off, I get through the tower easily. Like 1-3 dead heroes and sometimes no dead heroes. I'm a smart player, my team averages at least one star for each 10 levels and they're loaded up with improved or better runes ...

    Today my 4* lvl 52 indigo (also a stalwart first PvP defender for me), who is runed to *not* be one-shot, got taken out by lvl 48 3* willow.

    Yesterday, tower opponents who have no vampiric trait or passive buff onboard or from an ally, were lifestealing me, *and* doing significantly more damage than they should. *then,* on #11 (Zen, shade, igo, pontifex -- a comp I easily handle in PvP), once igo was killed, shade would possess him and they'd kill me and when I'd take my next team in, all four opponents would be alive again and have full energy. Of course, they were one-shotting every toon I have, even the ones they shouldn't be able to with *any* runes or passive buffs.

    Is this going to be fixed? Soon? Could we please be compensated, like with multiple gem summons and not loot keys?

    The tower should be fun and not impossible, for the time and foresight it takes.

  • @Joveth Guys, could you please look into this quickly. If your wish was to make the tower tougher, that's fine, but a warning would have been nice.
    I usually clear my tower around 30 minutes prior to reset. Tonight, got creamed on floor 11. I'm always a tower behind, so seeing how I coudnt finish on time, I simply cleared the tower and rushed to clear floor one of the new tower before reset. This just cost me 200 gems.

    Well I've sent in my heavily runed BD, my starter on my D team, roughly 4K attack, and with the aoe skill, I could not kill a lvl 58 MK, (half health) nor a LVL 58 Bromm (25% health left) The Bromm subsequently one shotted my bd on revenge. This is friggin FLOOR 1 of the tower.

    If we are back to using bait team and taking 1 friggin hour to clear the tower, it would be reaaaaaaaly nice to know beforehand. I know we are all trying to be patient and stuff, but to quote someone on this thread, the game has really gone FUBAR.

    Thanks for acknowledging the problem at least?

  • Seriously at this point I'd take a "we're looking into this". The silence on top of the pvp mess isnt sitting well
  • I just had a lvl 47, 3 star shade take out a lvl 53, 6 starred, and heavily runed Zomm. Before that, a lvl 46 MK knocked out my 53/6star Ella, 53/4star Malice, and 53/4 star Koz, all also runes up. This was the first tower since my very first one (lvl 29? 25? When does it unlock again?) that I haven't been able to complete. That's really dumb.

    This game has gone completely bonkers with the last update. It's been fun, DB. Please let me know when the game is back to something sensible. The inability to make sense of levels, stars, and attack power now has thrown all the fun right out the window.
  • I'm excited for tomorrow's tower :grin:
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    I just watched a level 55 MK take out my entire lvl 65 undead team - all with level 10 to 12 epics, 26k power - in one move. Even my 4100 def, 8k hp Yorick (rogue def II) meant nothing to the guy 10 levels lower. Whadafuq?

    Then a Kozar, took out my Kozar, Grog, Iggy, and Yazmin with Home run

    Insane. Just insane stealth change - now I have to grind out the tower for an hour again ???

  • My 70 runed Furnace holds up against top pvp fighters and a lvl 60 tower team chewed him and the rest of my runed team out.

    Need explanation this is not right
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    Add another issue (and I agree with all the above comments - some weird damages etc) Ponti was 1 shot and didn't resurrect. NEED THIS FIXED ASAP. If its a perm change, I am out.
  • I failed tower today too, granted I was lazy and didnt plan it properly. Still there was indeed something stronger. As someone pointed out already, it could be cause of pvp league? yesterday was the first time I got to Gladiator 1, and my opponents power level increased accordingly.
  • A lot harder here also... come on... whats is this... they want all to quit?
  • Some words of advice: Learn from your defeat & pick up a few tricks along the way, maybe even use a few different trait synergies to even the playing field, say I don't know, Furnace & IGOROK along with sir William & Possibly Astrid for a good defence synergy combo.
    Total Zomminionation.
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    Same here. I almost always make it all the way through the tower daily. Not because it was too easy, but because I've spent a LOT of time and effort building up depth in my teams. Today, I couldn't get past level 8 since, throughout the tower, my best level 62 teams were getting absolutely crushed by 52-55s. If this is because of PVP league advancement, it is WAY too much... in the process of losing any motivation I have left for doing PVP.
  • I had a team that were all boosting each other defensively they were all runed my guys 70 they were 60 but it looked like I was receiving extra damage as if I was 10 levels lower.
  • I'm enjoying the tower being harder- actually takes some thought and planning rather than the autorun boredom before

    Before now all it took was easily clearing the floors that didn't have an MK or BD up first, and using a sacrifice tank like Alex or Leo to clear the floors that do. You now have to have a plan going into a floor

    I for one welcome this change- the tower is a big resource generator and should take some thought to achieve
  • It still takes little thought to send in sacrifice teams to soak up the specials. This just increases the time and grind, ugghhh.
    It would have been nice to know what was happening.
    And at my level if I am having this much trouble, there are going to be many many many who can not possibly complete it. More folks will just flee from the game reducing the already dwindling player base.

    and of course as soon as this happens I get the guild quest to complete 10 floor of the tower.
  • For us newer players without stout rosters, it sure is unfair to raise the difficulty. Again, that much harder to get guild quests. They should have us newer players in mind as well.
  • I haven't thought through completely, but they may need to give everyone the extra 40% life in the Tower like they do in PvP. Without the extra life, it will be difficult to keep your heroes alive if the defense has a runed up MK, BD or Kira. May have to resort to sending sacrifice teams in again, which is a pain.
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