Petition Undo the tower on roids

If you agree and want the tower mobs back to were they were not juiced bump and keep this up.


  • why not just make a poll?
    The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena
  • No need. They are changing back to old tower.
  • spiffymcbangspiffymcbang Member
    edited January 26
    any idea when? Maybe at the 4 oclock (eastern time) switch of the portal today or?
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  • 4tom4tom Member
    Oh... I had two heros die today. It was the first challenging tower I've had in a loooong time... oh well... fun while it lasted.
  • BD and Leo. You?
  • tower is now a huge unenjoyable grind, add in the loss of honor rewards and i just dont bother any more. Actually, im not bothering much with the game at all any more, wait to see which way the wind blows.
  • 4tom4tom Member
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    BD and Leo. You?

    BD and Ember.
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