How are people slotting Aria with runes?

Other than maxing out dodge, what is the best way to rune Aria. Go for Attack, Defense, Health, or Crit?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  • I counter Aria with a dwarf, so maxing her dodge wouldn't help.
  • Plan on using her on offense against no characters with perfect swing.
  • I'd go with Dodge -> attack -> damage -> crit, under the belief that she will dodge the attacks against her and then you would then want her counter to hit hard
  • Depends how you like to use her. But I find she works best fairly balanced.

    I threw on the following:

    Yellow 1: (crit/dodge/att)
    Yellow 2: (dodge/crit/health/10% lifesteal)
    Red: (attack/attack/dodge)
    Green: (attack/attack/damage)
    Blue: (crit/attack/dodge/poison skin)

    I want to replace first yellow with a solid bulwark so she is better balanced against melee attackers. Vamp works well on her as she gets in multiple hits per turn if she dodges well (so multiple chances to heal). Poison skin works well because it helps add some advantage against melee attackers, but it isn't necessary. Attack is always a great stat and boosts vamp and poison skin damage.
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