Patch Notes: February 1st, 2017 - PvP Pre-Season 2, Daily Gem Issue Resolved!

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Today's small update (which is deploying now), resolves the following issues and introduces some changes. Thanks for all the feedback and reports that are helping us identify them!

General Bugs & Fixes
  • Lots of changes to Pre-Seasons. For a summary, please visit this thread.
  • Fixed a number of instances that resulted in crashes.
  • Fixed an issue in which some players were not receiving their daily gems.
  • This was mentioned in the Pre-Seasons changes update, but Shared Hero Rewards will now be Gold for players with maxed out Loot Keys.
  • -Note, this was a change from a few days ago that we didn't get a chance to write a note for - The Furnace's 'Dwarven Forged II' was discovered to be working improperly and only reduced damage by 15% as opposed to 25%. However, after doing some calculations, we determined that having the reduction be 25% would not be balanced, so we have fixed the passive description to reflect that the reduction is always 15%.
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