Who would win? Grog Gnog or Shade

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NO EPICS! Both are level 55 and fully ascended. Both are also 6 stared and their abilities are tier 55. Who would win in 1v1.

Who would win? Grog Gnog or Shade 21 votes

Grog Gnog
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  • Grog Gnog
    I vote grog nog because shade's third ability is useless. Because it is one v one
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  • Shade
    Shade's second ability would win. Since Shade is fast, GG gets one move off before he can't hurt Shade for two rounds. Unless GG can kill shade in that one move, it's game over.
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    If GG is actually capable of surviving haunted past then he's obviously runed very defensively. In which case he's probably not killing shade before spirit link happens.

    If GG is runed to where he can kill an attack shade with his first move then he dies to haunted past.

    If we're talking about without runes again for some unknown reason then GG goes down to haunted past. Probably. Idk its kind of silly to consider.
  • Shade
    Shade's abilities are all meant for single target fighting, but grog gnog is aoe, and shade's second ability will dominate, overall, though, I think grog gnog is better
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