Balance between tokens, levels and runes

The aether shop is, as everyone knows, expensive. I need 50,000 to upgrade Ember from a 4 to 5 star. That's 10,000 excess low grade tokens. It's a massive amount of farming time. But her stats will increase by a smaller amount than if I give her one great rune. Doesn't this need rebalancing? Tokens are becoming far less important than runes.

I already see level 63 MK's hitting 8,000 pts. Runes now rule.

is it time for a token and level rebalance? It shouldn't annoy people too much - a full levelled and 6* hero with great runes will still be a lot better than a unruned 6* level 70. But it would make leveling and tokens more valuable.


  • Yeah I agree, runes are the end all be all. They should definitely give an advantage if you have better runes vs someone with same stars, but I don't feel like stars should matter as little as they do.
  • I'm surprised they balanced it so 250 tokens, which requires a massive amount of time and effort (and at times $/gems), is less beneficial than a rune that is tuned an extra time. It's nonsensical
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