Challenge & Boss Modes

Has anyone put together a list or know of a list of successful teams that were used to complete each Boss Mode dungeon?


  • Yes, you can watch Zombi's videos.

    I use:
    vs Water Dungeon - Green Goblins + Bovus or water hero who needs the epic part
    vs Green Dungeon: Same
    vs Light Dungeon: Green Goblins (seeing a pattern here) + 1) MK, or other light hero who has an epic if they need a part
    vs Fire Dungeon: 1) Indigo, 3) Sir William, 4) Yasmin + 2) Therand Fiddlestrom or the fire hero who needs an epic part
    vs Dark Dungeon: 4) Zomm, 3) Brom, 1) Yorick + 2) Overlord Executum, or dark hero who needs an epic part

    Other combinations work too, quite possibly better, depending on who you have developed.
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