• Happy to see you back, Bvs. :)
  • Welcome back :)
  • li30li30 Member
    good to see u back bvs. :)
  • welcome back bvs, and when did victoria become an administrator
    He who calls the Golem a troll card will not be in the clan of Starley Inc.

    yes, me Clash Royale addict
  • I'd like to think all of us who put the profile pic in bvs72s name appreciated it ! ,

    So @bvs72 is back, SaltyLettuce is a nonGuru , all is well.
  • VictoriaVictoria Member, Administrator, Moderator, Big Fish
    @Sparkle_Starley I've been a mod for... a year and a half now? I'm not sure exactly. I'm just not as active as Joel or EJ. I tend to stick more to the bugs and player creation sections. :)
  • welcome start making me laugh.. :D
    “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”
  • danacdanac Member
    bvs72 wrote: »
    @bvs72 Super excited to see you back. Love the lesson we learned ... no matter how out of control and how inappropriate we are on the forums, we'll always be allowed to come back and break the rules as much as we want.

    I'm glad you learned something.

    I learned something too.
    I learned how to change my profile pic.
    Now If only I could learn where the door is....
  • Welcome back @bvs72, we all missed your "unsafe muppetry" (just yankin, welcome back nonetheless.)
    &#9760Hail Synchronicity, For we shall march on, "Forward Together", for we are like family!
  • echonapechonap Member
    welcome back
  • SabbroSabbro Member
    even though I stopped playing, I am very glad to see you back! will check forums from time to time to lol your posts, for greater good!
  • Welcome back!
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