Tower opponent visibility when selecting heroes?

One "Quality of Life" change made in the last patch was the ability to preview your PvP opponents while making your team selection. That was a *fantastic* improvement :) @Eej @Joel How difficult would it be to implement that functionality in the tower?


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    I like this! They probably didn't think about it but this would be a great, small addition that would improve user friendliness...
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  • yes indeed it was my first thought when I found it in pvp but not on tower, like wtf :)

    Should be quite easy to fix, and I trust they will
  • Bumped because I still think this would be a nice improvement...
  • Bumped. It continues to be needed.
  • they did add it tho...
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    @pyguyofdoom - I haven’t seen a game version where they’ve added this feature.
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