Damage reduction

Can someone please make it clear to me: when heroes damage reduction reaches 50%(max amount) by prmary and secondary stats does bonus stats such as +10% dmg red. in pvp stacks on top of that? (In this case 60%)


  • Yes
  • @KashHatton are you sure? Can I do a 100% dmg reduction with the right runes?
  • At present, yes. With the right runes and buffs from other heroes like Furnace. The devs mentioned in another thread that they were considering limiting this to 95%.
  • I hope they don't limit it. It is so much fun to watch two unkillable Emily's batting at each other until someone's epic fires or they are able to revive a teammate. Okay, maybe not fun, but amusing for sure. :)
  • Planning and Tactic runes provide damage reduction in PVP. @Eej mentioned that these runes are not subject to the 50% cap because they only apply to PVP.
  • Even 95% is too much. The only reason to have somebody nigh invulnerable is because other heroes are already too powerful.
  • There is an easy counter to emily furnace bauble shade combination. It's simple. Use shade to put on the take extra damage from dark, then use zen to speed up brom and use doom blade. and boom, dead.
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  • Tom664 wrote: »
    Provided that the opponent Shade doesnt kill your Shade, Zen or Brom first. Boom.
    which is like 90% of the time haha
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