Bug? Anyone else seeing bottom heroes disproportionately targeted by enemies?

devthepdevthep Member
edited February 14 in Main Campaign Discussion
In the last 5 teams I've used in the past week or so, the bottom hero has been disproportionately targeted (also, even when I switch the team around, the same hero ends up being on the bottom no matter his position in the lineup. As an example, I'm doing the burn quest with IB, Furnace, King Valkin, and Squinch, and I swapped Furnace with Squinch, but Squinch remained at the bottom both times). No matter what, though, I would estimate roughly 90-95% of the attacks solely on the bottom character. I had the same thing with a different team with IB, Grog, Pont, and yasmine, my undead team (they disproportionately attacked OE - I counted 15 hits in one round of a level - not a single hit to anyone else), and my goblin team.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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