Did Your Guild Let You Down During the Guild Games?

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If so, Legends and Friends - and family - wants you!

We came in at 12th place during the recent guild games. And we had a lot of fun doing it!

We are excited to announce that we are now a family of four guilds: Legends and Friends, PvP Haven, Society of Elite, and Sweden Elite.

Legends is our 10.5 guild. We have been around forever, and typically are in first place for the weekly tourney. We were a featured guild a while ago. (The info is out of date in some ways, as we have moved way up in rank, but it gives you an idea of who we are.) http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/11281/guild-spotlight-legends-and-friends

The other guilds in the family range from a 200-210 guild, a 180 guild, and a guild for new players.

Legends promotes from inside the family. We are recruiting for the other three guilds and are looking for all players level 31 or higher. We want active players who use Line and will play daily. Looking for friendly folks. If that is you, then we have the right guild for you!

We have active chats with all levels of players together. You can learn from the best! We also have a website and forum, and tons of resources for help with all aspects of the game. We are extremely friendly and respectful.

If you want to join a great family of guilds, to improve your play or to be in line for a spot in a top guild, or you need a guild that treats you right, please contact us at Line ID: Moschophoros


  • For anyone level 31 and up and able to earn 100 crowns and up and wants to join the Legends and Friends family of guilds, we have a spot for you! Contact moschophoros on the line app! We are friendly and epic and looking forward to meeting you!
  • Legends and Friends is looking for players at many levels for the upcoming reset. Have spots for 200, 180 and 100 weekly crown earners. Friendly and Epic! Contact moschophoros on the line app to apply!
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