Valentines' Day Event....

has been pretty awesome. Lots of quests, a unlockable skin (and a purchasable one), and tokens and jackpots in the sparkles. I think the PVP complaining has overlooked this great event. Tell the community (yes, all 5,000 of us) what you think of this event.

Valentines' Day Event.... 21 votes

Yes, this event has been awesome.
kpung07RawNES 2 votes
No, bored because reasons.
bvs72WolfreichMattCauthronTTS1000JimmyJoeSabbro 6 votes
Meh, would have been better if PVP wasn't so broken.
EliShffrnFatCat69lastgarrisonVioletLyraDarebelc1NenolopleTaronusupsetmemeThunderchildIgorokmain999brodimaggio12 11 votes
Don't know don't care.
Styxusfarfella 2 votes


  • bvs72 wrote: »
    How come It won't let me vote? Another rigged poll!

    Did you tried voting via a bot?
  • No, bored because reasons.
    I wanted a booger bot instead of Koros.
  • MattCauthronMattCauthron Member
    edited February 2017
    No, bored because reasons.
    If the repeatable quests had dropped real gold/runes it would have been a significantly better event. The fact those quests were an absolute joke (Was this an early April Fool's event?) really made the entire event worse. The quests themselves were a massive pain and the dungeons weren't exactly easy. They should have rewarded 1M+ and 5 star greater heroic runes+
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