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  • something for nothing
  • We are stealing from BF by exploiting bugs. Using bot, on the other hand, we are stealing from our fellow players. One is not better than the other.
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  • RawNES wrote: »
    Just checking if anyone posted any new cool cheats.

    Left left right left r1 l2 square circle x down
  • @momdukz I agree with my irish friend Ronan... " say it best when you say nothing at all"
  • momdukz wrote: »
    Harry Botter is good, lol

    How about Lord Bottermort or Pennywise the Dancing Bot

    Being poor and uneducated is no excuse for bad manners.

  • In case it went over your head it's a reference to your TOS hypocrisy and general forum behavior while representing UW.

  • momdukz wrote: »
    Harry Botter is good, lol

    How about Lord Bottermort or Pennywise the Dancing Bot

    Being poor and uneducated is no excuse for bad manners.

    But being rich and president it.
  • momdukz wrote: »
    Perhaps you may have missed the other thread that started all the discontent? Apparently there is a third party application available to all. There is an actual link to it somewhere in the other thread. It is quite a lengthy thread, pages and pages. If you have the spare time, it is a great read.

    Enjoy! Slán

    Is it available to all? The bot in question, regardless of whether it was the one posted, allegedly had an UW specific lock on it.
  • A different top guild (rhymes with Bevel Mapped) allegedly has a program for just a few of their people... but that's hearsay... But I think what the blue post is referencing are the auto-scripting features inherent in a PC emulator like Nox. It allows you to record mouse clicks, which, when timed correctly can allow you to autorun/autocomplete dungeons, repetitive functions, etc. Since those clicks would theoretically be highly patternized and exact, it should be easy for bigfish to catch and address (when they want to). And yes, Nox is free and available to all.
  • Guys enough with the bickering already. Frankly this is getting old. Let's leave it all for the devs to decide. We already have enough hate going on around us. Let's not add to it. Instead let's focus on how this game can improve by continuously providing good feedback and constructive criticism. Being sarcastic or passive aggressive to the devs is not gonna get us anywhere.
    Can we be just nice or at least civil to each other???
    Or better yet act like adults!
  • LoveChawpLoveChawp Member
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    my feedback would be to disallow emulators. Pokemon Go did it, and go rid of millions of cheaters. Yes, you can't have folks stream it on Twitch if you do that, but the twitch presence is negligible anyway, and it would be better for the overall health of the game.
  • Not referring to you @LoveChawp just a message in general, to stop the bickering and passive aggressiveness of this thread and instead work together. That's all
  • Just seems like a bunch of sour grapes to me. I don't have any horses in this race, but I just wanna add my piece.
    After 14 months of playing, and while only recognizing people here or on game chat and stuff, I can say Underworld has always been a top pvp guild. I can't think of DB without thinking of Pupuer; it's just synonymous with pvp greatness. Instead of tearing him down, I respect him, and most of the underworld guild ad a whole. What they've accomplished should be applauded.
    And somebody called out Level Capped? Seriously, they are the most community friendly guild out there, willing to help all. See also Zombi videos.
    Gratz to every player and all you have accomplished. Be happy with your personal mountains climbed, and don't worry about others achievements if it bothers you.
    Hugs to all (IB Represent)...disclaimer: my views are mine and necessarily anybody else's in IB ;)
  • Not necassarily, oops
  • And to echo a previous sentiment: I giggle at every BVS post, and yall went too far forcing him to post a serious comment :)
  • jnwbjyckubbj.jpeg
    One of the power trippers deleted this post for no reason so I'll repost

  • Judgement Day
  • JS1891 wrote: »
    Can we be just nice or at least civil to each other???
    Or better yet act like adults!

    What do you mean by this?
    I don't understand the concepts.
    You're speaking in a foreign tongue.
  • RawNES wrote: »
    RainSong wrote: »
    Judgement Day

    Go home and take a shower. You're becoming quite the Line joke with all your righteous posts.

    It's the end of the world as we know it...
  • Botters gonna bot
  • Are we all punched out on this now?
  • RainSong wrote: »
    Are we all punched out on this now?

    Nah. Y'all are just taking turns. You're up. Go.

  • Nah we have another 10 pages to go
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