Ancient Dungeon - VH dungeon help

background, lvl 69, heroes mix of greater and improved runes. primary pvp attackers and defenders in greater runes.

i'm having a really tough time with the VH event dungeon. normally on these instances where i'm expecting poison and disease, i run the undead team (yorik, hansuke, OE, zomm) which has very high survival and decent consistent damage output.

it all falls apart in the last room.

i'm simply not able to do enough damage fast enough to overcome the self heal from the venom.

i'm thinking I need to change up my attack order and use Hansuke first to remove taunt, then put mark on viperia, and then use something to nuke viperia? sub out OE for someone else? without OE, i'd be at the mercy of poison / disease attacked in the rooms before, with OE, i don't do enough damage.. :(

what has worked for you guys?
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  • Undead team ( replace Hansuke with Broom) + 2 revive potions

    Make sure ur health is full in the last room

  • I used Yorick, Hansuke, Zomm, and Brom. I used guarding strike then removed the taunt and quickly killed Viperia first. My slow undead guys have a good mix of power and bulwark runes and made quick work of her. Then I took out the tank and lastly Cobressa which was a pain because she kept healing herself.
  • I didn't realize how tanky the new Krexx is. My first try, I used Torchy, Lupina, Pignius, Viperia and auto'd it. Came back to just Lupina and Viper left against a full lizard team. No idea what happened up to that point. I had to use all my potions and managed to eek out a one star victory with just Lupina left.
  • I tried my high damage team (kobal team), but couldn't withstand their onslaught to 3 star it, but I eventually killed them by using all my pots. I then tried a construct team, but damage was so low, I couldn't out-damage their self heals. Finally, my trusted undead team got the 3-star, but I still had to use a rez pot since they were somehow able to use their specials on every turn - acid spit over and over is a killer.....
  • I just tried it with a 69 FA team like yours above, with improved defensive runes (some heroic), and they killed my team before I could do any damage. I could have used 3 revive potions fast, but it seemed like if I needed them that early on in the battle it would only prolong the inevitable.

    Will give it a try again later. I tried yesterday with Bromm,Zomm,Yorick,OE and similar result.

    Not able to greater rune them yet, am still in the process of slowly acquiring mats for greaters..
  • I used a fire team:

    Ember, Koros, Nitpick, and Furnace. Make sure Koros is fairly runed up with attack/crit.

    Koros will steamroll through the regular rooms. Your other heroes can do clean up as well. No real need to use many abilities.

    When you get to the boss:

    1. Fire mend team (for +ATK)
    2. Use Koros' 1st ability on Viperia
    3. Use Nitpick's 2nd or 3rd ability on Krexx
    4. Use Furnaces Combustion on Cobressa - this is key as it resets her cool downs so she can't do acid spit and heal her and Krexx up.
    5. Finish off Krexx - Use any abilities, but save Koros' 2nd ability for Cobressa
    6. Once Krexx is dead, Cobressa's invincibility should be gone (or will be soon). Focus on her. Koros' 2nd ability (3 hits) should do most of the damage.
  • Undead worked fine. Yorick Hansuke Brom and Zomm.

    First try. Three stars. No pots.
  • Lupina, Augustus, Lady Nimriel and Grog-Gnog is also a pretty good combination.
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