Terrible greater rune RNG?

I've spent over 2500 gems within the last 2 weeks trying to craft a legendary greater power rune for my MK. We're talking THREE 5-star HEROIC runes that were fully tuned staring me in the face. How is this even possible? I've never gone this many legendary runes dry while tuning improved runes.


  • I've tried to get a red power legendary for my mk for 2 months now. Every time I make one, I get it to 5-star heroic. No matter what. So I feel you man lol.
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  • How many attempts is that? Four?

    And you have 3 five star heroic runes.

    Not bad, I'd say.
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    Matsuda241 wrote: »


    **** THIS GAME

    Probability of going legendary is quite low. I may get 1 in 4 on average to proc legendary. Possibly 1 in 5. Either way with those odds, you could easily go 10 in a row without proccing legendary and simply be considered mildly unlucky. It should be worth noting that if you get to 5 star heroic, I would suggest stopping immediately. If you still have minimum 8 rolls left you could try to push for legendary but realize you are still unlikely to get it. This will cause you to waste less gems.
  • I just start crafting superior runes. My first 5 runes were heroic 5* then i just get 3 legendary 5* after that. Really random.
  • That's normal man. First it is written in advices. Then when you roll for a better runes you can notice that the bar is filled much slower for a greater or a superior rune than for others types.
  • The good thing is even a greater heroic 5* is better than an improved legendary 5*. But it is not the same for greater to superior :)
  • Don't try superiors runes. A heroic 5* superior is **** compared to a greater 5* legendary lol.
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    BIGBEN wrote: »
    The good thing is even a greater heroic 5* is better than an improved legendary 5*. But it is not the same for greater to superior :)

    Actually, they're about the same. I'm looking at a legendary 5 star improved and a heroic 5 star greater on my Grog and they are near identical in power.

    I ended up salvaging all the heroic 5* greaters. I don't need a bunch of runes to remind me how this game has gone from one of my favorite past times to something akin to a wife you absolutely hate, but can't seem to find a way to divorce.

    You salvaged them 0.o You are either a MUCH bigger high roller than I am or that was very silly. Greater heroics are the majority of what I use. Were those seriously not upgrades for ANYONE on your roster?
  • I've never seen the logic in not allowing us to control the tuning process more. It should be X amount of gems guarantees X tier and star. The tuning RNG should only ever be beneficial to reduce gems. Not have it so it's quite literally impossible 75% of the time to max a rune because you're out of tunes. It's such a poor system. But since it's an improvement from the even poorer rune reroll system, people seem to have lessened the noise.
  • Crafted 6 greater planning runes last night, only the worst % dmg reduction one got to legendary with all runes tuned to the end. Sometimes I think its programmed that way in this game. Let's see what devs gonna do about that.
  • @Stan2theMax use them anyway. They are still good :). Especially the max pvp damage reduction one. :)
  • And you what's the worst part of it....that before trying to go till the end you dismissed previous attempts.
    For example if you are looking for a double bulkward rune with health or dmg red maybe you tried 5-6 times before to get it (because l'et's be honest....resistance now has been made only to cheat us ad when I find res I simply abandon rune).
    So, when you finally find the rune you were looking for...you spend 1.140 gems for superior and guess what...no legendary.
    That's really frustrating and if it should be a commercial choice to push us to spend more it's the worst ever, because I stopped spending after so many failed attempts.
  • I had a beautiful heroic double attack superior power rune on initial crafting. 12 tunes later it was still heroic and useless to me since greater legendary are better than superior heroic. That's not to mention the 10 other superior power runes I've tried to craft this week, none of which ended up legendary.

    Between pvp and rune crafting I'm close to done here.
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