The bestial maw dungeon, what difficulty?

hi guys, how hard is this dungeon?

I am lvl 61, just checking if I should aim for it or just forget until I am 70. Also, can it be done once a day only or can it be farmed?



  • KaceyKacey Member
    Tom664 wrote: »
    Bestial Maw can be farmed as much as you want, but it is easily the hardest of the legendary dungeons.
    You will need very good runes to consistently farm it at lvl 61 I think.

    it really isn't... arcane circle is by far. This one can be auto ran with decent runes.
  • cool, will have a look later, thanks!
  • farfellafarfella Member
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  • tried that, doable but I can't afford runes swapping and for now it's just not worth it. **** bats
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