PVP quest changes = 22 guilds sharing #1

We crushed the previous record of 16 guilds sharing #1 this week by an astonishing 8 more guilds. Great job everyone and welcome to the top1 ranks for all guilds that achieved it for the first time this week.


  • nunyanunya Member
    edited March 2017
    I love seeing so many guilds sharing the top rewards. It's a wonderful feeling to realize that 1100 people got to enjoy first place. :)
  • But... I thought I was special... :(
  • JaxBoomstickJaxBoomstick Member
    edited March 2017
    I would like to be the first to predict this future Dungeon Boss announcement. "Guild Games are being enhanced and there will no longer be ties for first place. Ties in Guild Crowns will now be ranked according to which guild has earned the most trophies for that week."
  • I think they should add more crown quests and make them harder.
    The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena
  • KangKang Member
    edited March 2017
    @Drocas I have a few crown quest suggestions:

    "Quit Yo Jibba Jabba!": Win 12 PvP raids using only Jabber Clenchjaw
    "I Ain't Got Time To Bleed!": Bleed 100 enemies using Bovus's epic attack.
    "Trumped": Purchase 10 Greater Rune packs, then use acquired runes to win 1 PvP match against an opponent with 10,000 less hero power than you.

    Also, congrats to all the new members of the Crown Wars #1 prize club! Getting 50 players to complete 3 quests a day on a mobile game is no small feat.
  • Oh darn. I thought our guild just did really well this week.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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