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  • If we reimplement the hero power we will get bait teams wether we want it or not I say we stick with the level system
  • @xbestedjnr they could easily make most bait teams impossible by simply insisting every defence has 4 members. Of course that doesn't stop three level 70s and a level 1 Kai, say, but it would eradicate most bait teams and is the easiest of code changes
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    If we reimplement the hero power we will get bait teams wether we want it or not I say we stick with the level system

    Why would you ever want a "bait" team. Bait teams are always super easy to defeat, and the hard option wouldn't be based off roster power. It would be based off your league position, so if you had a "bait" ie: BAD defense you would be absolutely destroyed relentlessly by the people around you getting you as a pseudot "hard" option. You have nothing to gain from a bait team and a ton of trophies to lose! But hey if you want to give out free wins to people climbing the ladder... I don't think anyone will complain.

    Also, Eej specifically stated that roster power matching wouldn't be based off your defense roster power but more looking at your roster overall (Potentially your top x heroes), so the whole point is invalid anyways as defense roster power isn't even taken into the match making equation.
  • And they mentioned that how hero power is currently being calculated will also change as Epics make up a much larger potion of the final hero power than they should.
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    Looking at section of your roster and assuming that because you have a relative few strong (max epic / well runed) heroes, matching you to a relatively small group of opponents with high (total) power will be fine is, I think, doomed to fail.

    I maxed PVE heroes undead as an example. Does their relatively significant HP help me in PVP? Not one iota. Shadowblade on the other hand is no where near Epic maxed and that hurts me in PVP!

    Unless they pair us to opponents based on the heroes we are are using in PVP, then I fear the RP methodology will be flawed unless there is some PVP meta using the undead and IGO that I am not aware of...

    Dont get me wrong, I know this would be super hard to implement and open to abuse, but matching players that have strong "PVP useless" heroes to those that have strong "PVP essential" heroes is just going to be a train wreck.

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    For the Soon(tm) comment earlier from someone - I deserve that, but :p anyway!

    Summary updated before EOD Tue.
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