Runes colors and stats allocations

Hi guys,

I need to check if all colors runes have same stats points allocation.

For example:

Let's suppose a green health rune can give maximum 1000 hp, 500 hp and 250 defense
will a purple and a blue rune have the same max values?
Or some colors are better than others for specific stats? for example blue is better than green in giving high health values? And purple is better than green for + attack? You get the idea

thanks in advance


  • FoozleFoozle Member
    @Sabbro - the color and type of rune don't matter in terms of stats. For example, any rune that has Attack as its primary stat will have the same range of attack whether it is any color and whether it is a Power rune or Battle rune or any other type rune. Linked below are charts I put together showing approximate average values by stat type.
  • SabbroSabbro Member
    wow I wasn't expecting an answer from you , but was kinda hoping for it as I know you have been making all those calculations before and are very well respected for it.
    Thanks @Foozle that's all I needed to know, very conclusive answer.
  • FoozleFoozle Member
    Happy to help!
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