Booooo! Have to recruit this week. Satiated Gorgon! Recruiting!

Hello! DB has made another set of marvelous changes that everyone loves, right? NOPE!

We will have 2 spots open! I just need you to be able to do 210 and not tell me you do, but really don't. That's always greatly appreciated.

We are a top 5 rewards guild, last week we got 1st place rewards. We want to be consistent in this.

So, the 2 new members must go through a set of endurance trials to qualify, but not really. I will just be placing each of you in a fun ride known as the, "Brazen Bull." It is a comfortable bronze sculpture of a bull. We just put you in it and start a fire underneath the sculpture and let the good times roll! It's really a good time and so is this guild.

Still reading? Good.

Line me if interested about the open spots: Beavers_Kleaver or em:



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