problem with the furnace??

any one facing problem with furnace in the special event dungeon esp today ??
now it starts a series of repeated explosion that destroy the whole team even if the team in full health ..... this doesn't occur in every explosion but happens a lot


  • danacdanac Member
    Dagrund before he got the mohawk.

    As for furnace, yes, the imposter furnace they stick you with [as opposed to the one you actually own] blows up way more.

  • EXNOxEXNOx Member
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    I've had the furnace explosion killing allies in the event dungeon as well.
    Game gets a bit laggy and this happens (maybe its because of the reflection shields?).

    EDIT: Tried this team on a campaign mode dungeon and was able to reproduce this.
    Thinking more about it, the electric skin buff might also be involved since this looks like lightning damage.
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  • Furnace has blown up a number of times for me, exactly as indicated above. It's incredibly annoying. Also, bauble seems to be able to ignore taunts, except if he wants to use a special attack. Is that normal? He isn't listed as having "Blind eye" or whatever.
  • ZuggeyZuggey Member
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    I remember reporting this problem back in October 2016. Sad to see it still hasn't been fixed.
  • It's an ongoing problem with Alex's shield and furnace. Since no one uses Alex it rarely comes up.

    Bob the Bird has to be able to heal teammates with his regular attack. Normally if a taunt is up it compels heros to attack that person. So if they didn't sneakily add blind eye to his regular attack the Ai (and presumably us) would not be able to heal/buff teammate when a taunt was up. This was probably the easier solution on their end to implement the mechanics.
  • danacdanac Member
    RawNES wrote: »
    That's weird. I noticed that the furnace always shakes more when he gets more pressure. THAT'S HOW I KNOW WHEN TO DE-PRESSURIZED!!!! Figure it out folks.

    the imposter shakes less before boom.
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