I want to make sure the developers understand just how much PvP is messed up right now

@Eej @Joel

At this point it goes beyond the overpowered metas, the unbalanced runes, etc. All of those and more contributed to the EXTREME problem and your new changed to guild quests make it even worse.

Because so many people are fed up of PvP they aren't doing it as much or at all. This means that they stay in the bottom tiers and the only people who advance are either the insanely overpowered players or the ones who hadn't given up yet. Combine that with the hugely increased cost to go up a tier or sub tier and you get the incredibly powerful still stacking in the champion range.

This evening I got the play 3 PvP quests and in multiple free refreshes from my VIP that I earned supporting this game I wasn't able to find a single team I could beat. 9K power shades, unbeatable emilys, over runed reptiles combined with MK or Kai, 8-9K MKs leading the way. NOT ONE TEAM I COULD BEAT and this is at champion 1 for a player who is VIP 10, has all the heroes and all epics and almost all heroes 6*. What I don't have is a ton of superior runes which almost every single opponent I inspected had AT CHAMPION 1, not Warlord, nod Legend, Champion 1.

So I'm done, I'm joining all the others who opted out of PvP. It isn't worth my time at all any more and I'm not sure the game is worth my time or money any more either. I will echo what has been said so many times I'M NOT HAVING FUN. I DON'T WANT A MOBILE GAME WHICH IS A SECOND JOB.


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    They understand but the money still keeps rolling in.
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    FatCat69 wrote: »

    I hear they're gonna build a wall to keep jabber out.
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    They understand but the money still keeps rolling in.

    No more from me at this point. If its fun I'll spend but not to torture myself with a game I don't enjoy anymore. I'm giving Eej a chance to fix things, he talks a good game but so far it's just talk and the changes that have gone in and the "legendary event" have been utter disappointments. If not for my guild I would just leave now.

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  • I wonder how long it will take bossfight entertainment to realise that the more customers/players that they lose, the less money they will make in the long run, after all, if it was not for "Us" Seekers, they would not be where they currently are today.
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    They are destroying the game. Last season only 50 player could be legend 1, they will be less each season. Making the top player better and better. Now all the others players will never be able to catch them. If you are a new player there is no hope to have any fun in pvp. So let's just feed the top players and let the game die.
    You should go back to the previous pvp system and include the champion runes in the pvp shop seriously. I don't know if you think that this sytem is much better for lv 20-60 players. But i am sure of one thing you are actually unbalancing the game. If you let this new reward system it will be the end of the pvp.
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    BIGBEN wrote: »
    You should go back to the previous pvp system and include the champion runes in the pvp shop seriously. I don't know if you think that this sytem is much better for lv 20-60 players. But i am sure of one thing you are actually unbalancing the game. If you let this new reward system it will be the end of the pvp.


    The entire pvp system is the strong getting stronger scenario. Those greater and superior champion runes would be more useful to those at the bottom and aiming to climb up than the top who already have more superior 5* legendary runes than needed.

    Last season's pvp shop was good - warlords got to buy the 25 koros tokens and daily grog-gnog tokens if they put in the effort.

    This season, you need to be in legend to get shade tokens - where most legends already have 6* shade anyway. Those who need it but can't quite make it to the legend league lose out.

    If it wasn't for this event that is forcing me to purchase the high priced 5x crystal packs, my honor wouldn't be useful to purchase any tokens. And at the end of the season, they get converted to a low gold.

    We need these changes:

    - Carry over honor left over to the next season. At least that way, we can save up and spend the honor for tokens that we need instead of being forced to spend it on a small selection of heros that we already have or can't reach.
    - Remove token purchasing restrictions to leagues. I understand level locking greater and superior runes, but tokens should not share the same logic.
    - Add good runes and mats (5* legendary greater, champion, vampiric mats, planning mats etc.) to the shop. Make the price a little high if you have to, but it is much better than gambling a bunch of gems to end up with sub-par runes, and can help bridge the gap to those who choose to work their way up.

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  • I wouldn't call myself a whale by any stretch of the imagination but after about a year playing the game and spending here and there on specific things I thought were worth it I am VIP10 and I continued to spend after I hit VIP10 if there were a VIP11 I would have hit it by now. I am not having fun. Most of the people I speak to no matter what their level of spending are not having fun. From the posts of many whales who sit in the top 100 they are not having fun.... If no one is having fun the game dies and I don't think either the players or the devs want that
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    PvP is unplayable right now.
  • It isn't unplayable, it just sucks.
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    Also, go gorgons!
  • I play the first day or two to get what honor I can, then I am quickly paired with people more powerful than me, partly because I have not yet been able to afford to rune up my pvp team.

    Then I just rest for the rest of the season and rinse and repeat.

    In the previous pvp I could carry my rewards over and the "seasons" reset in just a few days.

    Now its just a king of the hill game which I've never been good at and really am not interested in.

    Not forgetting the league requirements in the honor shop which is just a vehicle to remind me how low on the hill I am. I get enough of that in Real Life..don't need it in my gameplay.

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    bvs72 wrote: »
    I think BF is only trying to make the game less fun for F2P players. They would like a player base filled with whales. However whales can't survive unless there are F2P fish and shrimp to eat. I think the slow leveling fish taste the best.

    You should have seen where wrong choices and not listening to the players took World of Warriors....
    Every season less players are playing and more people are leaving and for who is starting right now there is no sense in playing this game.
    Do you really think that they can survive with a bunch of maybe 100 players that still spend some money? I seriously doubt about it. And for how long will they going on spending, considering that winning all those legendary runes will make more so powerful that they will not need anything more.

    But anyway, the point is very simple. THERE IS NO FUN AT ALL.
    I am VIP 10 too....about all heroes maxed and also some legendary superiors rune, but every fight is too difficult and frustrating also for me....you never know if for a wrong move or for simple bad luck you lose the streak and as far as you climb the league it's always worst. Every fight is so difficult that needs all your efforts and luck and such kind of difficulty is simply too much.
    Not to talk that you should also find the time to farm PvE, make quests (that now need more time) and eventually live normal life.
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    Most games life span isn't long and mobile games are even shorter than others. So, this is to be expected. The people who spent a ton take this as a life lesson and not do it again the next game (if you find one you like). It's just time to move on nothing you say or do will sway this company from doing what they want (if they did listen portals would of been back). So, complaining at this point just seems pointless. Alliance heroes of the spire pretty fun maybe that's the new big game! :)
  • @eej @Joel
    Really simple question. Is pvp at the top really truly supposed to be a 1 shot meta? That's not pvp. That's "who pays more for better heroes and runes". I played pvp at 15 with my alt and it was awesome. Match went for 15 turns. That is what makes pvp fun... The chess match.
    Consider the current junky system. If I'm going against SB, Kira, Koros, Emily, i can outline a clear and concise path to victory. Their sb kills one of mine (almost 100 % true) I use shade to kill Kira, SB to kill emily, and then whatever is left on Koros. Should this raid be essentially over by default if Kira dodges? What kind of match is that? Kira then kills shade and SB, and the match becomes unwinnable. This is due to excessive availability of champion runes. Put simply, 1 shot meta is a very poor and lazy system. It spawned the 40% buff a year ago, but that's no longer enough. Runes ruined that. If there was a 500-600% buff, perhaps we could get a match that isn't over after the first 2 attacks.. But nope, then the richy rich pay players **** that pvp takes too long. Well hey, at least you have the gear to do pvp. I finished legendary 3 only 2 times... Can no longer get back there because warlord 1 is littered with superior champion runes. What is an average player to do?? We make up the majority you know... Stop taking dev advice and pressure from joe-douchebag who spent 100 a month and listen to the masses. If we all say **** is broken, it's obvious that it is.
    Please right the ship. I want the game I was hooked on a year ago...

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  • As a former "whale" this game is not fun and has turned into a chore i dread doing everyday. I am only still here because of loyalty to my guild.

    We slso used to be an almost 10k guild but have lost so many of our core because of these changes including our gm.

    Im vip10 and have spent a lot of money and have been playing almost a year and a half. I am just about done.

    Pvp is so broken and monotonous. I am only at champion II right now and every single opponent is 26k plus power with a jacked kira shade etc... every team is essentially the same and so boring. And if their kira dodges its game over. Wow! So much stratrgy and thought!

    Pvp has no strategy or thinking involved, it comes down to if kira crits you and you die before you act (50% chance) and if he doesnt does he dodge your attack (supposed to be a 25% cap on dodge but that has to be innaccurate because ive had a kira dodge 6 attacks in a row)

    Now daily crowns takes up too much time for so little rewards ( guild rewards are a joke now ) and daily rewards are basically nothing.

    Sad to see a game ive enjoyed so much reaching the end of its life and dying and its developers making their final cash grab before DBs sunset.

    Well, i havent spent money in months and i definately wont be spending any more.

    Again, just very sad.
  • I am a fairly new idiot to DB that dumped a lot of money into this game. I know the apps all want you to keep spending money. However, there comes a point when idiots like myself decide it is pointless to spend money when I keep getting the exact same combination of teams to battle in PvP. I enjoyed the challenge at first but after a days of always getting Aria, Leon, Kira and Emily or some slight variation where instead of Kira there is Shadow or the new Lion. the only lesson I am learning is that I can not compete and being in limbo is not fun.
  • After spending 2.5 million gold on refreshing I finally found an opponent that I had a chance to win. And I'm glad I was able to win and complete 2 of the dailies. I then "finished" ie lost two others to be done with pvp for another day.
    level 70
  • Man, there sure is a lot of variety here.oscqls9zl8z2.png
    Jabber is best hero.
  • It's almost as if Shade and MK are too powerful and utterly destroying game balance.

    No no that would be crazy. (Sorry I just finished 3 hours of pvp and I'm slightly tilted)
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    @TheCosmicPrince Are those pictures from this season? Cause I'm champion I and it's rare I ever see one opponent with 18-20K power let alone 3. Most of my opponents are 24-31K power which is driving me NUTS cause I can't hit that even if I put my 4 top power heroes together (ignoring synergy all together).
  • @TheCosmicPrince there IS a lot of variety. Some of the mks have skins.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • farfella wrote: »
    It isn't unplayable, it just sucks.

    Actually I think it is literally unplayable right now. I have 4X the same matchup in my log and the game crashes whenever I try to start a matchup.
  • Yeah, I've been a pretty competitive, avid PVP'er for about a year, but after today I'm done. The fun's been sucked out of it for me. Here we are on Preseason 5 and I haven't noticed the enjoyment factor going up. Quite the opposite, actually. I won't leave the game entirely (for now), but things seem to be heading down the dumper, not getting better.
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    I'm level 63 in champ 2. All I see are level 70s with 25k+ power. Haven't seen anything below level 70 in days. All my opponents are super ruled mk and shade teams. Nothing even close to winnable for me.
  • jc1 wrote: »
    I'm level 63 in champ 2. All I see are level 70s with 25k+ power. Haven't seen anything below level 70 in days. All my opponents are super ruled mk and shade teams. Nothing even close to winnable for me.

    Same here, first 2 days i put in about 20 fights, got me to Champ2, next few days ive lost 90% of those that i have tried, and those i have tried have been typically 8 levels above me.

    I did lose to a team 8 levels below me, which is really grinding on me. Didnt just lose, got my a$$ handed to me in one shot, i was 2k more power and +8 levels and it was all over with my opponents first hit.

  • Agreed with yall.
    Props to the top players, but like yall said, that's all that will be left soon. The good news is that soon everybody will be in the top 10p, cuz only 100 folks will be left.
    I don't have an answer to fix it, but like previously stated, the game has become a chore out of loyalty to guild. Pretty sure game and chore should not be in same sentence.
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    PvP is f-ing garbage right now. To the point, that even their quests are TRY or FINISH a match.
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