Poison debuff dealt 8k damage in one turn.

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I had a weird battle just now. I was fighting Furnace/bauble pvp team. After resurrecting Koros, he attacked Furnace and contracted the poison debuff. At the end of the turn, the debuff dealt 8k+ damage (at or near max health for koros).

In addition, prior to Koros dying the first time, he was electrified after triggering the lightning debuff from enemy bauble's Positve Charge. Bauble then used unstable bomb on Koros (which applies multiple status effects) which triggered the lightning bebuff 4 times, dealing 8k+ damage to my Emily. Two things with this. First, the damage from from each lightning charge seems very high here, even with the bonus to armored heroes. Second, is unstable bomb supposed to proc lightning damage up to four times? The description says that it applies up to 3 random status effects, plus ranged damage. Is lightning damage supposed to be triggered by the application of any status effect? That would explain why it was triggered 4 times, but that's not how I understand lightning to work. I thought it was triggered by damage alone. 3mk6aca78lqs.png

Edit: Here's a replay:
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  • I'm not sure about the 4 times thing, but I do know the damage calculated is based on upon the hero. In this case Koros has super high attack and double damage to magical which is why he melts Emily. As for the crazy poison damage, maybe JOrds furnace has a broken set of runes with 50% pvp damage and 6k attack. That might be able to get you there.
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    But is that how poison works? I always thought it was a percentage of health. And it was contracted from the Furnace because of a hidden rune effect, I assume.
  • Poison/burn damage is based off of the attack of the toon who caused the burn/poison. So an attack runed furnace does more burn damage than a defensively runed furnace for example.

    And Matt nailed the problem with shock. All of the shock damage is considered as attack damage from the shocked toon against all of their teammates. All elemental bonuses, passive abilities, and total attack/damage numbers apply to the calculation. This wasn't really a problem until we started to have all of these broken attack runes.
  • I still would like a dev response. I cant fathom that 1 hit KO poison proc is intended. 0
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    I had a nearly full health MK die today just by hitting a furnace with a poison skin. I think the devs are smarter than we think. Everyone is spending trying to get runes with poison skin and defensive buffs to make heroes nearly invincible. Soon these effects will be nerfed and we will be scrambling to buy the runes for the next "accidental?" bug. They nerfed the portals to make it harder to six star heroes and then practically give tokens away. Runes are the current cash cow. Everything is working just as planned. They are not as stupid as you think. They are evil geniuses. They realize that once a player hits VIP 10, they are hooked and will continue to spend to protect their investment. Mobile games are not an investment. Players need to realize that overspending on mobile games only make them as stupid as me. I spent getting Zen and Kozar to six stars because they were broken. They fixed it by nerfing them and releasing another broken hero.
  • I was clicking through some replays of high level players and came across a fight between @Zombi and @nunya. Nunya's defense killed every one of Zombi's attackers except Bauble, who then used Unstable Bomb on nunya's Koros. The shock damage from Koros did over 30k damage to every one of nunya's defenders, so Zombi won. I would be curious if either of them was willing to link a replay (I didn't record it), but it was very telling about how status ailments are computed.
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    Yes this is yet another broken aspect. Possibly status effects should have some kind of cap based on level or some metric rather than being sky high based on broken attack stats of hero's who either have the rune or the debuff.

    Also highly curious how all the top players of a certain guild have electric skin runes... (edit: I didn't realize at the time this was written that they were available for purchase at some point in the shop. If that's how you all got them, it's all good by me.)
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    Bauble, A hero barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic hero. Bauble will be that hero. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. He will be the six million dollar hero.
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    @kiikiikins I actually have that video of @zombi vs me. I also just recorded one with the same scenario from @JaxBoomstick. I've seen some others too, but I just cared enough to download airshou today. There is really no way to defend against that particular scenario. Almost makes you want to give up. :(
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    @nunya, you can't give up.. the forum needs you.
  • nunyanunya Member
    @bvs72. What can I do against this.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Laugh at it and give it the finger. Nothing else works.
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    Many players at the top are just using the same 4 heroes to attack every team and avoiding matchups with any risk of losing.

    On one hand you have heroes that kill an entire team in one attack and on the other you have heroes that can only be harmed by a small handful of heroes, which really creates the most toxic and dull meta we have had to date.
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    @itirnitii this is different. The electric skin makes it sort of like shooting fish in a barrel. Not sporting or fun, but boy the stats look nice.
  • The electric skin (ES)is a huge problem. I am also wondering how so many in one guild have ES runes? Creating a more toxic pvp environment one ES at a time. @Eej
  • Preseason 4 @Flexnes dominated the tournament by figuring out how to build a very good Damage Reduction team. For Preseason 5 I (we) copied his build and found that by adding Burning Skin / Poison Skin / Electric Skin / Chilling Skin makes it even better. Next season they will be fixing Damage Reduction and both of these builds won't be viable any longer, but I'm sure awesome players will figure out other elite combinations due to the new blue champion runes. There will always be an elite team to use every season.

    I really don't want to get to a point where we all call for nerfs every season because one team is doing very well. If runes with skins are a huge problem, you just need to focus on countering them. Don't use Koros and Viperia on your defense as they have multiple melee attacks and get affected easily.
  • @JaxBoomstick the other skins are not as much of an issue but the ES is a wee bit OP. When Bauble is essentially able to one shot a team most of the time.
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    @JaxBoomstick anything else gets killed easily by other teams. It has nothing to do with damage reduction, the problem is the electric skin, as it was with @Flexnes. The question remains whether to continue to play in a rigged system where you are always going to be on the losing side. And, that, as always, is a personal question that we must all answer for ourselves. :)
  • gmun wrote: »
    Yes this is yet another broken aspect. Possibly status effects should have some kind of cap based on level or some metric rather than being sky high based on broken attack stats of hero's who either have the rune or the debuff.

    Also highly curious how all the top players of a certain guild have electric skin runes...
    Wait I don't have one where is mine? Oh also because they bought them from a certain hero's epic bundle.
  • @SpiritWind Not sure if I can agree that Electric Skin is overpowered. I've been using it in PvP / PvE for a long time and its been mostly useless in PvP. It's doing incredible right now solely for two reasons. 1. Furnace - Furnace is special since Abs of Steel makes him able to be stacked 100% with damage runes. By stacking ALL damage runes, all skin effects have a massive impact. Putting electric skin on ANY of my other heroes is useless since either the damage is too low or the hero doesn't live long enough to actually get a proc. 2. Damage Reduction - Having some heroes with massive damage reduction allows us to survive fights long enough to get a skin proc and then trigger it. When DR is nerfed ... the time to get the proc and to trigger it will be greatly reduced.

    @nunya The system will always be "rigged" as you call it. Dungeon Boss wants offenses to generally win. If we figure out a defense that is unbeatable ... that would truly be awful PvP. I've put up probably 20 different defenses over the weekend and they were all smashed to pieces. If we're upset that our defenses are being beat and that is the reason PvP is broken ... that's not going to change. Defenses are meant to be beaten.

    @gmun You're actually curious how the guild who runs the most dungeons, earns the most trophies, wins the most guild games, spends the most gems, and is extremely competitive in general has the most electric skin runes? Really?
  • I don't think electric skin is overpowered or that a nerf is needed here. I think it's bugged and a fix is needed.
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  • @Tom664 i did say "earns" the most trophies ... not swaps players every week in a desperate attempt to stay on top in trophies.

  • nunyanunya Member
    @JaxBoomstick two points.

    1) I am not upset that my defense got thrashed, there were some very clever solutions that were amazing and fun to watch. I enjoyed the creativity. The put an electric skin on teapot and demolish all teams was not one of the creative solutions that I found interesting, just demoralizing. :(. It's shooting fish in a barrel. But then, I didn't PvP when we were being matched up against low level players also. Each to their own.

    2) As you so aptly stated, teapot is ideal for this rune because he has "abs of steel". This means the imminent nerfing of damage reduction won't fix the issue.

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    What a great thread! Naturally I agree with what Jax has said here - of course we have the best runes in the game, that's what being in Level Capped is all about, all for the reasons Jax pointed out.

    And UW keeping quit players' accounts just for the trophies just reeks of desperation. Sorry guys, had to be said ;)

    In Dungeon Boss, the bar for leadership is 500 gems, nothing more.
    "im nog suppries abort that antonia." [sic] - aNxem0n
  • @JaxBoomstick The DR fix will amplify the ES abs of steel problem I believe
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    It is one thing to have an overpowered team just because they have strong heroes with good synergy. It is another for them to be overpowered because they have heroes which can barely be damaged or wipe out an entire team with one move.

    A meta with multiple turns where heroes take incremental damage would be ideal.
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    Can I just say that shock skin, on its own, will win you very little. The skin is the icing on the cake but its not the cake.

    I have a shock skin on furnace. Some of you have lost to my defence because of it. More people beat my defence despite it. More...

    I use my furnace on attack (with bauble Astrid / Emily) and lose as much as the next player...The guys dominating are doing so due to their runes and I bet would do so if shock were removed tomorrow. They are not dominating because they found a shock skin and you haven't, yet. Loads of us have this skin - I know cos i get shocked a bunch - but loads of us do not have single digit attack failures.

    I think the bigger game in town here is simply the amount of advantage runes give - its huge. That could be appropriate - I guess people pay to win...but how fair can a system ever be when there are elements of that system that allow people to pay for an advantage? This advantage is so great that it counters RNG which used to be the great leveller.

    I tried crafting 4 runes today. Tuned all the way. Got greater heroics. All the way. 4 times. Ive crafted 11 runes this past 4 weeks...all the way (ie i had good base stats so went for it) NONE went legendary 5 star. I'd rather DB fix THAT so that i can generally catch up to the opponents that DB are forcing me to fight. Nerfing Shock skin but maintaining a situation that makes it highly unlikely for me to craft a rune good enough to put on my PVP heroes and increase / maintain my competitiveness is, in my humble opinions just madness and not really addressing one of the key issues with pvp.

    If this is not fixed, then these uber players will just be fighting each other because I read more and more (here and in other mediums) about how sick of PVP players are and more and more are "taking a break". FOR THE FIRST TIME since ive been playing this game, I get a sense that the game is losing player interest amongst the most hardcore players out there - en masse...

    Good luck all...
  • I must disagree I have seen Bauble take out whole teams with ES. There is no way that was intended. I have seen it happen most on multiple occasions.
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