PvP Rewards Warlord 1 vs Legend 3

bbottbbott Member
edited March 2017 in My Dungeon Discussion
Not sure if anyone noticed but the Rune reward for Warlord 1 is the same rune offered in Legend 3. The only difference between the two tiers is 7 tokens, 15 gems and a couple extra honor scrolls.

This gives me no motivation to fight my way up tiers as I often hit my PvP ceiling early in the day and no longer can win matches. I'm lvl 70. There is no love in PvP anymore :(

Please DB we have been patient with many aspects of the game. Look into the matter. Don't give me another reason to quit.


  • I noticed that last season.

    I also was annoyed that there's +5% Damage in PVP for both Legend III and II. Could've stepped up the Legend II to +7% damage or something. Legend I is both an upgrade to +10% *and* Legendary.
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