Stamina in the Pwn Shop

I'm in the Pacific timezone. Why does the stamina in the pwn shop expire at 10 pm, but everything else (evos, tokens, etc.) resets at midnight? On several occasions, I have tried to purchase stamina just after 10 pm but couldn't because they expired.


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    Midnight CST is reset for the stamina in the Pwn Shop.

    "EXPIRED" is a bug. Just force quit and relaunch and you'll be good to go.
  • Why midnight CST is my point? Everything else sold at the shop (evos, tokens) resets at midnight at the timezone that one is in (in my case PST).
  • Stamina is on a different timer 24 hour timer than the rest. I'm in Pacific too, and it's the same for me.

    Buy your stamina before 10pm nightly and you'll be fine.
  • I know that. It wasn't always on a different timer though. It was changed several months ago. Why was there a need to put stamina on a set CST timer? Was it being abused by timezone cheaters or something???
  • There was a time when there was only one stamina purchase that was set to your local timer. They added a second purchase option and this was set at midnight central time. this difference in reset caused a many bug threads on not getting "two" although they were really redeeming the two at different times. This got "fixed" by forcing both on a central timer, which also not nicely added the Expire tag, whereas before it used to update to the new timer through expiration.

    Why they didn't just make both stamina purchases set to local, the world may never know. They are still discussing how to handle timers, so hopefully we get a more standardized/unified timer system.
  • While you're at it, why not just put all events/quests/refreshes at the same time? Change EVERYTHING to either midnight or midday and be done with it. really don't know why the player base needs to hold off on the quests in case there's another quest later that requires something the players have already redeemed.

    Gosh. I don't even know if that last sentence made sense.
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