PvP Preseason 6...tokens offered = lame

Hey DB!

You guys must think you are so clever. All these green hero tokens available around St Patty's day, brilliant.

Problem is that it seems when you guys come up with these ideas, NO ONE in the rooms seems to be responsible for asking the question, "Will Players find this fun?"

I believe at least five of the hero tokens offered in the honor shop are also in the aether shop. Several are farm-able from levels. I am sure players who have not been at this game as long as I have will appreciate more Rocky tokens but other than that, this is pretty not fun.

Is it hard to figure out that hard to get tokens are more interesting to players than readily available tokens are? Just some food for thought.

I usually look forward to purchasing tokens for the newer heroes, confident that over time, I will star them up. Not this time I see, well, more mats for me this preseason which reminds me, when can we stop calling this "preseason?"



  • There should be at least 660 more preseasons.
  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
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    666 total preseasons? Seems humorously appropriate for those of us trapped in "DB hell". ;)
  • RexobRexob Member
    @rpger001 I'm waiting for the PvP experience to stop sucking and being, as you mentioned earlier, fun before the Devs remove the "Pre".
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  • So we have preseasons...and then we'll have seasons.

    Will there be postseasons?
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
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    @sirtainly, this is DB. When you load the game, you have postloading followed be preloading at startup. I think you already missed the postseasons.
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  • danacdanac Member
    sirtainly wrote: »
    So we have preseasons...and then we'll have seasons.

    Will there be postseasons?

    Yes. The best teams will compete with the best teams from Legoland Adventures.
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